Restraining Order Sought Against Some Defendants

Mattern v. PushTraffic Injunction Filed against some of the defendants  (excerpt follows):

John Raygoza, Ted Molina, David Sipes, Finity Consulting LLC, Dot Intel LLC, Future LLC, PushTraffic, JumpLaunch, Successrate Inc., Youraffiliatesuccess, Progressive Tax Group and IncFortune and their officers, employees and agents . . .

This injunction is necessary because even after being placed on notice through this lawsuit and numerous complaints to state attorneys general, these defendants continue to target vulnerable individuals and their credit card accounts through the use of false and misleading sales practices and credit card fraud. Despite being placed on notice that the use of defendants’ likenesses to promote their criminal enterprise is a violation of California Civil Code § 3344, defendants have continued to use plaintiffs’ likenesses to lure in other victims. And despite being placed on notice through this lawsuit that plaintiffs want no part of the defendants’ criminal enterprises, defendants have continued to target these very same plaintiffs by email and telephone, who have already been victimized several times over, and have attempted to tap plaintiffs’ credit card accounts. Defendants’ incorrigible behavior leave plaintiffs no alternative but to seek temporary injunctive relief”

A recent victim from Georgia, who is not involved in the lawsuit, has provided his sworn declaration (attached to the injunction) detailing the fraudulent charges to his credit card by Red Dirt Consulting of Utah on behalf of representatives of Finity Consulting of California. The same pattern of unconsented to multi transactions (in amounts which totalled $15,000)  used by Raygoza in his Push Traffic scams was used.

These defendants continue to scam even after being sued – hopefully the filed injunction will clearly illustrate the type of sociopaths the judge will be dealing with, and that a temporary restraining order is required to prevent  more suffering for new, as well as existing, victims.

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  • ChrisY  On December 23, 2010 at 15:36

    Well, I already made a few posts here, and I did not think the Raygoza Gang could get any more despicable than I already knew them to be, but I constantly get surprised. They are even more obnoxious that I supposed.
    I understand Raygoza’s devious lawyers are now concocting a defence along the lines that the Pushtraffic ‘contract’ does not bind Raygoza’s gangsters to do anything. It only binds his clients to pay. Sounds like fraud in any language. I signed up. Then, at the outset, when I asked Raygoza by email to explain what he is accountable for, he contemptuously ignored my questions. I now know I should not expect any better from the grub.

    A sociopath with a money lust = John Polluter Raygoza.

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