Raygoza’s Websites Down…

In the interest of making this blog easier to read and more relevant to today, I’ll be reorganizing over the next week. I’ll likely totally remove posts which refer directly to some of John Paul Raygoza’s sites which are no longer online, because those posts were here as a warning. Nothing will be erased,  just “filed” in case anyone wants it later.

Other posts may be edited to reflect recent developments. An example – today I edited the Raygoza court case press release post. I have been editing some all along – for instance removing the names of some marketers from the “Beware of” post, since they are no longer named defendants in the proposed class action, and had their identities stolen by Raygoza and his cohorts.

The stated purpose of this blog was, and still is, to publish warnings and provide resources to those who’ve already been taken by unscrupulous marketers. My experience was with John Paul Raygoza, so the concentration has been on his companies’ scams, but the resource links are here for the use of individuals who feel they’ve been ripped off by anyone online.

A reminder – I welcome comments. They are “moderated” which means once you submit them, they are visible to you alone until I “approve” them. At that point they are visible to anyone. Commenting is set up that way to keep spam comments from showing up mainly.

When you comment I am given your submitted email (which I send a test message to, btw, if I’m in doubt) as well as your IP address. That’s how one of Raygoza’s victims caught him attempting to damage her reputation btw; he (from his provable IP address) tried to diss her using an assumed  forum identity – he was banned. 😀

However, moderation also means you can communicate with me without fear of having it published if you don’t want it to be. Just say that. I respect your right to privacy and will not “publish” anything you don’t want me to (unless you’re John Paul Raygoza, that is).

Any news I’m free to pass on about the lawsuit, I will as it becomes available. If you see anything relevant to it or any other scam that isn’t here, please let me know.

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