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I hope Raygoza is going through a hell that compares with what he put so many others through. I don’t expect him to be terribly worried about the class action at this point – he has no concept of the pain, emotional and even physical, that he visited on his victims by leaving them not only disheartened, but often loaded with debt they had no way of managing. Many lost homes and family over it.

If he’s having family troubles over his felony charges, he might have an inkling of the trouble he caused for others by his fraudulent charges. I find it really interesting that he’s on the street (I could only hope not just figuratively) while the other two charged wait in jail for their court date. Could he be not only slime and roach-like, but crafty as a rat too?

Hopefully the facts will be clearer after the Tuesday court session. Though having watched JR and his brother Ted (where’s he?) skirt the law and authoritities, and flout the success of their scams, I’m thinkin’ Raygoza will worm his way out of this mess too. It must be Burleson and his nephew’s doings, right?

PDFs of LASD Twin Towers most recent prisoner records for Raygoza, Molina and Burleson may be found at Push Traffic Swindle.

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  • Anon  On June 4, 2011 at 07:30

    You’ve got to hand it to JP Raygoza and Ted Molina, they are living the life of millionaires while Manny and Burleson are spending some quality time in the LA County lock up. I bet JP and Ted are smoking fine cigars, drinking cognac, and laughing about how Manny and Burleson are going to take a 10 years to Life kidnapping rap for them. Poor Manny, poor Burleson;  join the low blows and sucker punch club. Someone ought to drop them a line at the LA jail? I bet ole JP is promisng them even now that they will be free as birds any day now with big profits.

Raygoza Was Able to Post Bail of Almost a Half Million

Doesn’t Anyone Question Where a Thug Like Him Gets the Money?

 One of John Paul Raygoza’s “victims” found that LAPD’s Detective John Barragan’s email address – given to us for reporting our experiences with Raygoza, is no longer valid. There was supposedly an LAPD computer crime task force investigating Raygoza.

Recently the LA County Sheriff’s Department actually arrested Raygoza on charges of “torture”, “kidnapping”, “robbery” and a weapons infraction, among others, and jailed him. A court appearance was scheduled for this morning.

 My question is:

Does any law agency care enough to question where little thugs like Raygoza and his brother, Ted Molina, get the kind of money that they can afford bail of over $450,000? We KNOW where he got it – from us.

If the LAPD no longer care, perhaps we could get the LA County Sheriff’s Department to look at our complaints, since they’re having direct dealings with Raygoza now.

 Please write the LA County District Attorney and let him know your concerns and frustrations with Mr. Raygoza and the source of his money

Contact information is at”

 or here”

There are three ways to contact them. 

1.       E-Mail us directly at

2.       Go to our Contact Form and submit it if your email program doesn’t work.

3.       US mail to:

District Attorney’s Office
County of Los Angeles
210 West Temple Street, Suite 18000
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3210

Telephone (213) 974-3512
Fax (213) 974-1484

TTY (800) 457-7778
(8:30am – 5:00pm M-F)

I know everyone is tired of trying to get law enforcement agencies to pay attention, but this creep will only be stopped, and pay for his crimes, if those he hurt hang in with the fight to see justice.

Please give it one more go, and write, email, fax or phone!

Updated “Beware of….” Post

Although I posted this some time ago, it bears reposting to bring it to the forefront.

Beware of anyone using these names, or representing one of these companies.

Unless you enjoy being ripped off, that is!

** Entries with quotation marks below are direct quotes from the amended complaint Mattern v. Push Traffic. Anything in italics is my additional information**

My personal experience was with John Raygoza and Ted Molina in their Push Traffic phishing scheme.

These  names and/or site names come from:

  1. individuals reporting similar, or worse, experiences with John Raygoza’s companies on online scam report sites,
  2. are contained in advertising  associated with John Raygoza or one of his operations,
  3. or are named in the “First Amended Complaint For Damages” filed against Raygoza et al in UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA.

Some of these names will be AKAs rather than actual names of distinct individuals – one never knows who one is really talking to when Raygoza is involved – comments on at least one site were deleted when the site owners proved it was Raygoza pretending to be a “satisfied client” doing the posting.

In another instance he invented an ID calculated to be mistaken for one of his most vocal detractors in order to discredit her – again caught. The man is a consummate liar.


  • Alex Sainz
  • Andrew Weitz
  • Angel Woods
  • Ben Mayberry
  • Bruce Knight
  • Chris Bosleyclaims to be a paralegal who is not employed by Raygoza, but emails “offers to settle”  from the address
  • Christianyoung woman who calls to “set up” one’s account at Push Traffic
  • Danny Robbins
  • Dave Baxter
  • David (Dave) Gale
  • David Lee
  • David Sipes
  • Folusho Orokunle
  • Frank Perez
  • Gavin Shannon (pushing a recent “opportunity” called ” Your Affiliate Success” by JR himself)
  • Harvey Hamilton
  • Harwood Hamilton
  • Harry Crowder (
  • Jack Hill
  • James Murphy
  • Jay Debolt
  • Joel ? – CFO Finity Consulting
  • Joel Hernan (Hernan Joel Severino)
  • Joel Lansky
  • Joel Severino
  • John Carter (Finity Consulting)
  • John Paul Raygozaclaims not to be the jerk who scammed me, but caller called Ted Molina “my GM”.  email address for Raygoza:
  • Lane Gibbons of NetGOLD365 – same address and owner is David Sipes who, in my opinion, supplied Raygoza’s boiler room with buyers’ names
  • Laney
  • Maria RaygozaJP Raygoza’s mother, “initial registered agent for several of the Raygoza corporations and is an affiliate of FutureEndeavor,com, LLC through her California corporation Sales Mango” … Raygoza money “transferred to accounts under the control of Maria Raygoza”
  • Marina Skegin – name on confirmation email when submitting to receive’s “newsletter” ( on Nov. 12, 2010
  • Matt Alhouse
  • Matthew Myers“Power Cash Secret”
  • Matthew Silver
  • Michael A. Fitzpatrick, “General Counsel for Push Traffic” – disputed my chargeback requests to BMO with outright lies and fabrications
  • Mike Hill
  • “Mr.” Davenport (Finity Consulting)
  • P. Tuminaro
  • Patricia Law
  • R Williams
  • Richard Verala
  • Rich Maxwell
  • Robert Tarentino
  • Rob Artino
  • Rob Martino
  • Ron Grajeda
  • Rule Mitchell
  • Steven Johnson
  • Ted MolinaRaygoza’s brother – called “my GM” by the caller who scammed me, and whose email address was used (

If you have names of those who approached or coached you  in a Raygoza scam, please list them in comments

Companies/Sites operated by, or known to be associated with,  John Paul Raygoza

  • DotIntel
  • Finity Consulting
  • Future Endeavor
  • John Paul’s Underground Seminars
  • Marketing Mentorship
  • Master Mind Marketing
  • Money Montage
  • NetGOLD365 – owned by David Sipes one of John Raygoza’s partners
  • Power Cash Secret
  •, a corporation
  • Push Traffic Inc.
  • Red Dirt Consulting (Utah)
  • SuccessRate
  • Turnkey Internet
  • Zero Friction Marketinghas affiliate pages belonging to Lane Gibbons/David Sipes

This is by no means a complete list – please feel free to add any you’ve had a bad experience with in the comment section.


chris yorke   On November 8, 2010 at 22:48
One thing that must be emphasised is that just because someone is (or calls himself) an attorney, do not assume he is honest.

Michael Fitzpatrick (as identified) phoned me on June 3 2009, in response to my first demand for refund. That devious little trickster told me I needed to work harder instead of being dissatisfied with Pushtraffic’s service! With even more brazen effrontery, Fitzpatrick dissembled about all the clear promises I was given upon sign-up.

Fitzpatrick made a very clear commitment during the phone conversation; he confirmed I was entitled to attend an exclusive seminar in LA that very month. While I remained skeptical about its value (I was already disillusioned with the bunch) I said I would confirm attendance. Last I heard from them. Nobody knew anything about any seminar, in June or any time. Obviously, a clear breach of a commitment that was also covered by my Mastermind category, as published on the website. Yet, when I put in for charge-back, this self-same lying scumbag, Michael Fitzpatrick, wrote back to my bank “there is no doubt he got everything he expected.”

Liar, Fitzpatrick. I want to get that no-goodnik sent to the gutter. Ditto for Andrew Weitz, legal counsel for Raygoza. Where do I sign?

A Possible Service for Recovering Losses

Thinking about using the services of any of John Paul Raygoza’s companies?

Do your due diligence and check out their reputations by following the links which take you to the stories and reports of dealings with Raygoza’s companies written by by the countless victims of his scams. is an excellent source for honest reports by individuals who wanted nothing more than to learn the business of internet marketing, and were willing to pay for their education, but who chose the worst possible people and companies to invest in – John Paul Raygoza, David Sipes, Ted Molina and Push Traffic, or Inc Fortune, or any of the other company names Raygoza uses. (the latest shape-shift I’ve heard of is Future Endeavour)

If you have made the mistake of trusting Raygoza, or any other online ripoff artist, and can’t  get anywhere with recovering your losses, you may want to look at the services of companies who specialize in collections from scammers. One that was recommended to me in the last couple of days is

While, at this point, I am not actually vouching for this particular company since I’ve not used their services, I have no reason to doubt the value of their service either.  Just a suggestion of an avenue to investigate in your search for recovery and justice.


  • chris yorke On September 15, 2010 at 17:21


    Pushtraffic has been named and shamed by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) and its affilate, Mediation Arbitration Resolution Services (MARS).

    I hold evidence from MARS affirming the above notice, which I supplied to my lawyer, who is suing Pushtraffic for fraud.

    Basically, Raygoza (head of Pushtraffic) treats his clients with contempt, a disgusting fact that his regretful customers, such as I, need no evidence for.

    Australian victim of the Pushtraffic scam

Links to Raygoza Scam Reports

This is a combination of posts giving links to sites and forums where one can find scam reports already posted, and where you can post your own comments.

1)  the Warrior Forum, where you can see reports by those who are suspicious or have already been taken (in no particular order):

2)  a blog whose main thrust is not about scams, but had a post today about Inc Fortune (a  John Raygoza company), Chris Cobb and Mike Hill by the blog owner who was scammed by these scumbags:

3) IM Report Card (Real Reviews of Internet marketing Products, Services, People, Biz-Opps & More) Reviews by real people: it is worthwhile checking out (this is not an affiliate link – they don’t offer incentives for recruiting).

They don’t yet have a review of Raygoza or any of his companies (that I saw anyway), but I have submitted a suggestion. And, I posted in the forum there ( ) in the “Discuss sites not yet listed” section under “Scam Site Reports” and “Specific Site Questions.”

You have to register at the site to be able to post, but there’s a lot of useful information there anyway. While my experience was with Push Traffic, most of the rest of you got stung by one of Raygoza’s other operations. It would be helpful if you all made those companies’ names known at IMRC and got Raygoza and his salesslugs listed there for what they are – parasites.

4) Links to 2 reports:

5) Excellent posts detailing scams perpetrated by, and the abysmal performance of John Raygoza’s companies, Pushtraffic, Dotintel, Successrate and Incfortune. David Sipes is named as one of the company’s reps who has facilitated  fraud.

6) Why Do Work Site

and even better:


7) a blog and newsletter published at least weekly that gives excellent feedback after investigating the merits of online opportunities, and there’s a good section on scams:


Deb June 26, 2010 at 16:02

Hi Ann,
I was just looking thru JR’s blog and came across something quite funny when you think that he wrote this and he is also the person who scammed so many people. I will try to copy and paste Date of his blog is November 2008. What happened to his soul????

I normally don’t reach out to rappers for wisdom but I’m a big fan of rap and I remember these lyrics dearly and everytime someone breaks my trust I remind myself of these lyrics……and move on.

I’m lucky. I’ve reached a point in my life where trust doesn’t dissappoint me as much as it use to.

I’ve had people who I’ve trusted dearly (beyond money) but unfortunately their trust was in the almighty dollar.

Sad but true. It’s reality so you must move on.

I learned trust on the streets. Your word is your bond. And if you break that bond you ruin your reputation. And the way you handle your reputation says a lot about your character.

A wise man once said, “A man’s reputation is what other people think of him; his character is what he really is.”

I worked in a company where I had access to the owners customer database – one day some guy decided to exploit a hole in the database and began to screw with sales numbers and after a short while he ended up stealing around $20,000 worth in sales. The sad part is that he was the VP’s right-hand man and he was promised a huge future but he got greedy. Today it’s hard for this individual to get a reference – last I heard he was back living with his parents.

Here’s how you can make a lot of money without selling yourself out!

* Work Hard
* Work Smart
* Enjoy your life
* Build and Maintain relationships
* Don’t burn bridges
* Give back
* Be true to yourself

Here’s a good one for you:

Be nice to everyone you see on your way UP, because it’s going to be the same people YOU see on your way DOWN.
– John Raygoza



Debra P

Ann June 26, 2010 at 16:14 .

Hi Deb,
Well, you got me on finding laughably unbelievable quotes!! Leaves me absolutely speechless in light of the countless people he’s hurt.

cherrishugsay 2010/08/07 at 16:08

Work At Home Scams haven’t affected me in years. And it won’t exist for you either if you:

1. Become An educated job seeker, Dummy!

The only way you can get scammed is if you don’t know what to look for and you don’t do your research. Here’s a quick way to know if the company you’re interested in working with is a scam. Go to enter the company’s name or website address and the word scam or scams. For example, Paidresponse Scams, You’ll either find tons of results tearing the company apart or nothing significant.

A good resource is:

2. Don’t actively search for jobs!

I know this sounds ridiculous but a little known secret in job seeking is the fact that many employers don’t actively post their jobs. Instead they are searching resume databases of various job sites. So if you’re like everyone else who searches through job listings every day and applying to those listings you’ve pretty much missed out on some hot leads. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this. But you should also be posting your resume to as many job sites as you can.

Task Force Address

This post is primarily to bring the email address of the contact for the computer crime task force that is building a case against John Raygoza  and his companies to the top of the blog’s site.

The more people sending their information to Detective Barragan, the sooner they can act to stop John Paul Raygoza, Ted Molina and David Sipes from ripping more of us off. The process of building a good case is slow, but collecting enough evidence is essential in getting a conviction.

So ….. please take the time,  and make the effort to contact Detective Barragan with your story at:

Det. John Barragan,

Enjoy your weekends!

How to File a Complaint with the Federal Trade Commission

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