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A Possible Service for Recovering Losses

Thinking about using the services of any of John Paul Raygoza’s companies?

Do your due diligence and check out their reputations by following the links which take you to the stories and reports of dealings with Raygoza’s companies written by by the countless victims of his scams.

https://raygozascams.wordpress.com/ is an excellent source for honest reports by individuals who wanted nothing more than to learn the business of internet marketing, and were willing to pay for their education, but who chose the worst possible people and companies to invest in – John Paul Raygoza, David Sipes, Ted Molina and Push Traffic, or Inc Fortune, or any of the other company names Raygoza uses. (the latest shape-shift I’ve heard of is Future Endeavour)

If you have made the mistake of trusting Raygoza, or any other online ripoff artist, and can’t  get anywhere with recovering your losses, you may want to look at the services of companies who specialize in collections from scammers. One that was recommended to me in the last couple of days is http://www.bitterbuyer.com/

While, at this point, I am not actually vouching for this particular company since I’ve not used their services, I have no reason to doubt the value of their service either.  Just a suggestion of an avenue to investigate in your search for recovery and justice.


  • chris yorke On September 15, 2010 at 17:21


    Pushtraffic has been named and shamed by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) and its affilate, Mediation Arbitration Resolution Services (MARS).

    I hold evidence from MARS affirming the above notice, which I supplied to my lawyer, who is suing Pushtraffic for fraud.

    Basically, Raygoza (head of Pushtraffic) treats his clients with contempt, a disgusting fact that his regretful customers, such as I, need no evidence for.

    Australian victim of the Pushtraffic scam