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Updated “Beware of….” Post

Although I posted this some time ago, it bears reposting to bring it to the forefront.

Beware of anyone using these names, or representing one of these companies.

Unless you enjoy being ripped off, that is!

** Entries with quotation marks below are direct quotes from the amended complaint Mattern v. Push Traffic. Anything in italics is my additional information**

My personal experience was with John Raygoza and Ted Molina in their Push Traffic phishing scheme.

These  names and/or site names come from:

  1. individuals reporting similar, or worse, experiences with John Raygoza’s companies on online scam report sites,
  2. are contained in advertising  associated with John Raygoza or one of his operations,
  3. or are named in the “First Amended Complaint For Damages” filed against Raygoza et al in UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA.

Some of these names will be AKAs rather than actual names of distinct individuals – one never knows who one is really talking to when Raygoza is involved – comments on at least one site were deleted when the site owners proved it was Raygoza pretending to be a “satisfied client” doing the posting.

In another instance he invented an ID calculated to be mistaken for one of his most vocal detractors in order to discredit her – again caught. The man is a consummate liar.


  • Alex Sainz
  • Andrew Weitz
  • Angel Woods
  • Ben Mayberry
  • Bruce Knight
  • Chris Bosleyclaims to be a paralegal who is not employed by Raygoza, but emails “offers to settle”  from the address cbosley@successrate.com
  • Christianyoung woman who calls to “set up” one’s account at Push Traffic
  • Danny Robbins
  • Dave Baxter
  • David (Dave) Gale
  • David Lee
  • David Sipes
  • Folusho Orokunle
  • Frank Perez
  • Gavin Shannon (pushing a recent “opportunity” called ” Your Affiliate Success” by JR himself)
  • Harvey Hamilton
  • Harwood Hamilton
  • Harry Crowder (AffiliateSuccessReview.com)
  • Jack Hill
  • James Murphy
  • Jay Debolt
  • Joel ? – CFO Finity Consulting
  • Joel Hernan (Hernan Joel Severino)
  • Joel Lansky
  • Joel Severino
  • John Carter (Finity Consulting)
  • John Paul Raygozaclaims not to be the jerk who scammed me, but caller called Ted Molina “my GM”.  email address for Raygoza:  jraygoza@spamarrest.com
  • Lane Gibbons of NetGOLD365 – same address and owner is David Sipes who, in my opinion, supplied Raygoza’s boiler room with buyers’ names
  • Laney
  • Maria RaygozaJP Raygoza’s mother, “initial registered agent for several of the Raygoza corporations and is an affiliate of FutureEndeavor,com, LLC through her California corporation Sales Mango” … Raygoza money “transferred to accounts under the control of Maria Raygoza”
  • Marina Skegin – name on confirmation email when submitting to receive finityconsulting.com’s “newsletter” (marina@finityconsulting.com) on Nov. 12, 2010
  • Matt Alhouse
  • Matthew Myers“Power Cash Secret”
  • Matthew Silver
  • Michael A. Fitzpatrick, “General Counsel for Push Traffic” – disputed my chargeback requests to BMO with outright lies and fabrications
  • Mike Hill
  • “Mr.” Davenport (Finity Consulting)
  • P. Tuminaro
  • Patricia Law
  • R Williams
  • Richard Verala
  • Rich Maxwell
  • Robert Tarentino
  • Rob Artino
  • Rob Martino
  • Ron Grajeda
  • Rule Mitchell
  • Steven Johnson
  • Ted MolinaRaygoza’s brother – called “my GM” by the caller who scammed me, and whose email address was used (tmolina@pushtraffic.com)

If you have names of those who approached or coached you  in a Raygoza scam, please list them in comments

Companies/Sites operated by, or known to be associated with,  John Paul Raygoza

  • AffiliateSuccessReview.com
  • AutoCashSystem.com
  • CancunSeminar.com
  • CashWorkAtHome.net
  • ComplianceCalls.com
  • davidsipes.com/instantcash
  • DotIntel
  • Finity Consulting
  • FreeReviewSites.com
  • Future Endeavor
  • IncFortune.com
  • John Paul’s Underground Seminars
  • johnraygozaswebsites.com
  • JumpDash.com
  • JumpLaunch.com
  • LeadSourceAcademy.com
  • LiveLeadPros.com
  • Marketing Mentorship
  • Master Mind Marketing
  • Money Montage
  • moneymakingtruth.com/
  • myaffiliateprofitsblueprint.com/john-raygoza/
  • NetGOLD365 – owned by David Sipes one of John Raygoza’s partners
  • Power Cash Secret
  • futureendeavor.com, a corporation
  • Push Traffic Inc.
  • PushTraffic.com
  • RecessionProofMillions.com
  • Red Dirt Consulting (Utah)
  • SalesMango.com
  • SmartJabber.com
  • SuccessRate
  • TheTruthDVDSeries.com
  • TopBest-WorkAtHomeProducts.com
  • TopWealthWorkAtHome.com
  • Turnkey Internet
  • workfromhome-iso.com
  • YourAffiliateSuccess.com
  • Zero Friction Marketinghas affiliate pages belonging to Lane Gibbons/David Sipes

This is by no means a complete list – please feel free to add any you’ve had a bad experience with in the comment section.


chris yorke   On November 8, 2010 at 22:48
One thing that must be emphasised is that just because someone is (or calls himself) an attorney, do not assume he is honest.

Michael Fitzpatrick (as identified) phoned me on June 3 2009, in response to my first demand for refund. That devious little trickster told me I needed to work harder instead of being dissatisfied with Pushtraffic’s service! With even more brazen effrontery, Fitzpatrick dissembled about all the clear promises I was given upon sign-up.

Fitzpatrick made a very clear commitment during the phone conversation; he confirmed I was entitled to attend an exclusive seminar in LA that very month. While I remained skeptical about its value (I was already disillusioned with the bunch) I said I would confirm attendance. Last I heard from them. Nobody knew anything about any seminar, in June or any time. Obviously, a clear breach of a commitment that was also covered by my Mastermind category, as published on the website. Yet, when I put in for charge-back, this self-same lying scumbag, Michael Fitzpatrick, wrote back to my bank “there is no doubt he got everything he expected.”

Liar, Fitzpatrick. I want to get that no-goodnik sent to the gutter. Ditto for Andrew Weitz, legal counsel for Raygoza. Where do I sign?