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Court documents posted at PushTrafficSwindle give news of the latest developments in the class action suit filed against John Paul Raygoza and his online business ventures.

My understanding of events up to now:

  • Attorneys for the plaintiffs in the Douglas Mattern, et al v. Push Traffic, et al filed motions to amend the complaint (Docs 79 and 80) on January 30, 2011.
  • Raygoza’s lawyers, Neufeld, Marks, Gralnek and Maker (NMGM), filed for an extension of time to consider the amended suit.
  • David Sipes lawyers filed a motion to withdraw as his counsel (Doc 86-2) on February 28, 2011.
  • The judge gave the defendants  an extension of 21 days to file a “pleading responsive to the Second Amended Complaint” (Doc 94) on March 17, 2011.
  • In the meantime, criminal charges were filed against Raygoza on April 14, 2011. On April 27, 2011 Raygoza, Burleson and Molina were arrested and jailed on charges of kidnapping, torture, and a weapons related offence (PDFs of jail records and Raygoza “rap sheet” on PushTrafficSwindle site)
  • Raygoza has since been released on reduced bail; the other two remain in different LA jails. Court date for that case June 7, 2011.
  • Timothy L. Neufeld filed a motion (Docs 108 and 109) on May 2, 2011 to withdraw as counsel for Raygoza – that matter to be dealt with June 6, 2011.

The newest court documents to which I have access are Docs 113, 114 and 115 – PDFs at PushTrafficSwindle.com. My interpretation of the documents, (acknowledging my own inexperience with legalese) follows.

Doc 113, filed by Jonathan Levy (attorney for the plaintiffs in the Raygoza class action suit) on behalf of the plaintiffs, opposes the defendants’ application for even more time to “consider” and respond to the Second Amended Complaint.

The reasons being that while the plaintiffs’ attorneys have been dealing in good faith, the defendants and their attorneys have been less than forthcoming in their communication – attorneys even concealing, at one point, the lack of communication and cooperation with their own client.

Since Raygoza must appear in court June 7 to answer the criminal charges against him, the court date of June 6 in the matter of his attorney’s motion to withdraw their services in the class action matter means time is “of the essence”. Any more stalling tactics in the civil matter jeopardizes the plaintiffs’ right to a reasonable and timely conclusion to their action.

Doc 114, appears to me to be the judge’s notice to the defendants’ counsel (NMGM) that they must notify Raygoza et al that corporations and associations may not legally appear in court without a lawyer. If they choose to do so they risk sanctions including a possible default judgement against them in the class action.

The judge stipulated that NMGM must serve Raygoza with a copy of her “order” and “written notification that defendant John Raygoza must appear at the hearing on the Motion on June 6, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. if no substitution of attorney has been filed by that date….. Failure to comply with this Order shall result in the imposition of sanctions, including but not limited to the entry of default against Defendants.”

(Raygoza may appear by telephone if NMGM makes the required arrangements)

Doc 115 is the proof that NMGM served the required documents to Raygoza personally at his Beverly Hills (penthouse) address.

“certain banks … had “willful blindness” ” (Bernie Madoff)

An article in several American newspapers* (Feb. 15) quotes Bernie Madoff as saying, in a recent interview, that:

“certain banks…had “willful blindness” about the discrepancies in his dealings and were “complicit” in his fraud. “They had to know,” said Madoff. “But the attitude was sort of, ‘If you’re doing something wrong, we don’t want to know.’”

My argument with the credit card bank claimed exactly that with reference to charges put through my account by Push Traffic Inc.

  • Why would the bank allow John Raygoza’s company to put 3 charges, totalling  more than $5000, on my credit card account without questioning whether they truly had my authorization to do so? (Especially when I argued those charges within 12 hours, and before any documentation could have been processed)
  • The charges took my account some $1300 over my credit limit at the time.
  • The charges put my account into “overdraft” which meant my being assessed OD penalties on top of the additional interest. (That was the bank’s way of justifying accepting charges over my established and agreed credit limit since raising a client’s credit limit without the client’s authorization is illegal!)
  • If I’d been making a purchase at a local business in that situation, the bank would have at least asked me to verify my identity.
  • Raygoza didn’t even have the name on my card.

To me, the ease with which John Raygoza’s companies were able to rip off so many of us is directly related to the lax security of the banks and the credit card payment processors – as Mr. Madoff said “the attitude was sort of, ‘If you’re doing something wrong, we don’t want to know.'”

All that said, the financial institutions’ complicity through either negligence or “willful blindness” in no way excuses the fraudulent intent of Mr. Madoff’s operations, or the fraud perpetrated by John Raygoza, Ted Molina and David Sipes through their many operations (Push Traffic, JumpLaunch, etc.).

The fact that the financial institutions have been overhauling their security procedures now can’t undo the damage and heartbreak suffered by so many Madoff  investors and, on a lesser scale, Raygoza/Molina/Sipes victims.

See also the post at https://raygozascams.wordpress.com/ regarding ” facility for PushTraffic had been closed down by the acquiring bank at the direction of Visa”

*By Diana B. Henriques New York Times

PROPOSED Second Amended Complaint for a Class Action Filed This Week!

Two new documents were filed in United States District Court, Central District of California, on Jan. 30, 2011 by attorneys Thomas Easton, Jonathan Levy and co-counsel, Richard E. Joseph.

The first (Document 79) is a Notice of Motion and Motion to Amend Complaint, which is a request to the Court for an order allowing the filing of Plaintiffs’ proposed Second Amended Complaint.

The second document (Document 80) is the actual PROPOSED MotionVerified Second Amended Complaint, Class Action, Jury Trial Requested. It is:

“a class action in which named Plaintiffs bring this action on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated who have been victimized by Defendants. The events herein occurred from May 2007 to the present. The Second Amended reduces the number of causes of action to just two counts, Fraud and RICO, reduces the number of named Defendants and adds three Plaintiffs.”

As I understand it the primary differences between the first Amended Complaint and this one are:

John Paul Raygoza, David Sipes and Ted Molina and Raygoza’s various business entities are the only remaining named defendants.

****When investigation determined that their identities and/or material had been stolen by the RCE, the names of Jeff Alderson, Charles Kirkland, Chris Cobb, John Denton, Ron Davies, Craig Beckta, and Jonny Andrews were withdrawn from the previous list of defendants. THEY ARE NO LONGER NAMED IN THE ACTION AGAINST RAYGOZA****

Others were dropped to simplify and facilitate the action. The change to a  “class action”  and reducing the “number of causes of action to just two counts, Fraud and RICO (RICO is an acronym for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) will also simplify and facilitate.

As we wait for the judge’s ruling on acceptance by the court of this Second Amendment,  we know that, regardless of the outcome, Raygoza, his partners and business enitities are recorded on the internet (for all time) as dishonest and heartless criminals. Hopefully that means they will have a hard time doing business online in the future.

The actual Motion to Amend and PROPOSED Second Amended Complaint for a Class Action may be seen in their entirety at:


Comments: (copied to be immediately visible)

Donald On April 3, 2011 at 22:12

The case is interesting, but for some of us it does not make any difference, we are already ruined and will never recover any of the money those in the Pushtraffic Empire stole.

We now have to work out with our credit card companies the debt solution, which can result in a further loss to the Tax Man for any debt excused which is treated as taxable income. And any money drawn from an IRA to pay the credit card Companies is taxed again. Try that as a Senior on a fixed income after retirement.

  • Ann On April 4, 2011 at 10:00

    Don, I’m sure you’ve tried to argue the matter with your bank? If not, I hope you take them to task for not checking out the merchants they approve of. In the meantime each name added to the suit lends more credibility.

    So far as the criminal behaviour of John Raygoza and his criminal enterprises, not much new can be said.

    I carry on with this blog in hopes of forewarning “newbies” who may get sucked into the scams Raygoza and his partners continue to run.

    Sorry for your losses – I can relate obviously. Thank you for your comment – each comment brings a little more notice to this blog and helps publicize our cause.


  • Sandy On February 5, 2011 at 11:18

    This is so exciting…I bet Raygoza and his Thugs are s**tting bricks right now. Actually, I hope the bricks are stuck…if you know what I mean; then maybe those scum bags will get a taste of their own backed up bull s**t. LOL I can hardly wait until we victims win this case… wiping that smug smile off their faces is going to be so, over the top, sweet. Sandy

Ann  On February 5, 2011 at 12:33

Hey Sandy – why don’t you tell us how you really feel!!!? LOL

Your comments always tell it like the rest of us would like to :)

An Open Letter to John Paul Raygoza


Your actions are directly responsible for untold suffering.

You set out to defraud as many people as you could of as much of their money as you could.

Money in itself is just currency, of course; but what it will buy is the point.

You stole untold freedoms from all of us.

Perhaps least important, but most understandable to someone like you, is the power to bring  joy Christmas morning to loved ones with gift giving. What was under Vanessa and Joanna’s tree? More than under most of your “victim”s trees I bet. I hope you signed all our names to their gift cards.

Of  most importance: some you have stolen from have lost homes and even spouses because they trusted your (yes, your)  promises. Imagine life without home and loved ones, John.

Your thefts have meant others lost the freedom to buy not only pleasures like vacations and toys, but the necessities like health care and home upkeep.

No one believes it can happen to them – until it does!

One day your daughter will be old enough to make her own decisions and mistakes. Hopefully she won’t trust someone like her own father.  Also hopefully she’ll be ashamed of you and what you do.


Comments:  (Copied to be immediately visible)

  • Sandy On December 28, 2010 at 15:55  

  • Hi Ann, It saddens me to think that your post is absolutely true. The idea of John Raygoza enjoying Christmas with his family makes me want to throw up. He knows exactly what he has done to his victims. Raygoza is a sick, sick man and he needs to be stopped. I can hardly wait until we (Jon Levy and JR’s victims) stick it to him in the new year.

    John, helping to wipe that smile off that fat, ugly face of yours is going to be worth the 15,000.00 that you stole from me. Sandy Little


Submitted on 2010/12/27 at 19:30 | In reply to ChrisY.

Chris, sorry to say, but I believe your initial prediction is wrong!

Raygoza’s brother, Ted Molina; wife Vanessa Horlle Raygoza; and mother Maria Raygoza were all named in the original suit as having aided and abetted Raygoza’s schemes. They already enjoy the fruits of his fraud!



Submitted on 2010/12/26 at 13:50

I predict Raygoza’s relatives will disown him, once the criminal cases begin. Money won’t be enough to keep those barnacles sticking to the hull.

Anyone who trusts Raygoza is a loser. Raygoza has said so himself. LOSER is his favorite sneer to hordes of complaining, scammed customers.

So any friends who ever trusted Raygoza must be losers, too.

By exploiting the gullibility of business people – including the credit card banks – johnny rotten has come into a pile of money. But in the process he has made enemies all over the world. So JP Raygoza’s internet businesses are also losers. Pushtraffic, one of his notorious instruments of crime, is already a corpse. Crime doesn’t pay. Given the increasingly stark results of his obviously psychopathic conduct, JP Raygoza is such a fool. He’s no ‘guru’. The Raygoza keyword only rates in Google as an infamous association.

The name Raygoza is now poison to internet commerce.


Rotten to the core, JP Raygoza has nothing but money to grease the palms of his henchmen. That includes his legal squad, surely the busiest members of the gangster’s ugly retinue.

Right, only a loser would want anything to do with the polluter of Malibu Beach.

To the regret of thousands, Raygoza survived 2010, though the noose is tightening about the chicken’s neck.

So if you read this, Raygoza, be aware that your customers – that is, your enemies – all wish you the New Year you truly deserve. What’s more, we are all working very hard to make it happen to you.

Crux of the Raygoza Scam

An earlier post edited for clarity:

History first:

I replied to an email from a marketer whose name was the same as an individual involved in one of the reported Raygoza scams. I  said  that an email from anyone linked in any way with Raygoza wouldn’t be well received by those of us who had been ripped off.

He actually responded, and I thought his response was good – as far as it went.

He said that because there are always unhappy customers (justly and unjustly so),  it is wise to keep your reputation intact by pleasing the customer – granting and paying refunds. However, he missed the real point in the problem with John Paul Raygoza’s operations – namely the fraud involved in the charges to credit card accounts in the first place. If those charges were legitimate, refunds wouldn’t be a problem in most cases.


His salespeople make an UNSOLICITED telephone call,  IMPERSONATING someone you think you have reason to trust, so that they can obtain a credit card number (classic phishing scheme).

(Because Raygoza is very familiar with past schemes whose perpetrators were charged and convicted (eg Google Money Tree) he has tried to cover all the bases by inventing “proof” that he believes will stand up in court – that his victims gave him permission to steal their money by producing a misrepresented signed document. The initial conversation, with false promises isn’t recorded, so it becomes the victims’ word against the invented “proof.” )

The caller uses that trust to get you to quickly sign a supposed “confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement” which actually turns out to be a  document they claim proves you OKd the charges. Those charges are put on your account before you even sign anything, which is how they determine how much they can get from your account.

They charge (put through multi transactions in small enough amounts that bank protection measures are overridden) every cent allowed to your credit card. If you have $4000 credit left on a card they will put charges through totalling the $4000 plus as much more as the bank will allow. If you have $10,000 in available credit they will use it – and as much more as the bank allows.

If you realize right away that the services promised are not what they are actually offering, and that you were scammed, you read the agreement more carefully. You realize what you signed, and think that your misplaced trust means you had best comply with their terms if you hope to recoup any of your loss.


Though you comply totally with the agreement’s terms, Raygoza and his brother, (Push Traffic GM) Ted Molina, totally ignore you. Your compliance means nothing.


Though  their inaction nullifies the agreement, they still submit your signature to the bank to dispute the chargeback request when you attempt to get your money back through the credit card dispute process.

The bank “buys” Raygoza’s  “proof” and he laughs because he knows that “possession is nine tenths……” etc. and up ’til now he’s gotten away with it.

He has even posted public comments calling his victims stupid for signing his agreements and telling them to “get over it”!

John Paul Raygoza is the most arrogant, egocentric and narcissistic LITTLE man I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.


What you should get in return is in no way relevant.

A thief does not voluntarily give back what he’s stolen.


  • ChrisY On September 1, 2010 at 20:19

    Good summary, Ann.
    From time to time, I notice anonymous postings that try to exonerate The Raygoza Gang for their atrocities.
    But the key issue- as you mention- is not poor customer service. (actually to call Puhstraffic’s CS ‘poor’ is to praise it) it is their contemptible and dishonest attitude to refunds. That is what Raygoza’s entire business empire is built on – a refusal to recognize refund claims. They did not even reply to my letters, and when I put my demand directly (by phone) to the infamous Harwood Hamilton, that scammer replied: “Sir, I can do nothing for you”, before he terminated the call.
    Worse still, when I was put onto someone named Joel, that stooge interjected and told me if I did not stop my complaining he would hang up. He abruptly transferred me back to an engaged phone line on Hamilton’s desk.
    Does everybody understand why I am enraged?

  • Sandy On September 1, 2010 at 17:12

    Ann, a wonderful post. I couldn’t have said it better myself. John Raygoza is a sniveling little weasel, and I know one day he will get what is coming to him. My hope is that it is jail time and that it comes soon. The man makes me sick! Keep up the great blogging. Sandy

Updated “Beware of….” Post

Although I posted this some time ago, it bears reposting to bring it to the forefront.

Beware of anyone using these names, or representing one of these companies.

Unless you enjoy being ripped off, that is!

** Entries with quotation marks below are direct quotes from the amended complaint Mattern v. Push Traffic. Anything in italics is my additional information**

My personal experience was with John Raygoza and Ted Molina in their Push Traffic phishing scheme.

These  names and/or site names come from:

  1. individuals reporting similar, or worse, experiences with John Raygoza’s companies on online scam report sites,
  2. are contained in advertising  associated with John Raygoza or one of his operations,
  3. or are named in the “First Amended Complaint For Damages” filed against Raygoza et al in UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA.

Some of these names will be AKAs rather than actual names of distinct individuals – one never knows who one is really talking to when Raygoza is involved – comments on at least one site were deleted when the site owners proved it was Raygoza pretending to be a “satisfied client” doing the posting.

In another instance he invented an ID calculated to be mistaken for one of his most vocal detractors in order to discredit her – again caught. The man is a consummate liar.


  • Alex Sainz
  • Andrew Weitz
  • Angel Woods
  • Ben Mayberry
  • Bruce Knight
  • Chris Bosleyclaims to be a paralegal who is not employed by Raygoza, but emails “offers to settle”  from the address cbosley@successrate.com
  • Christianyoung woman who calls to “set up” one’s account at Push Traffic
  • Danny Robbins
  • Dave Baxter
  • David (Dave) Gale
  • David Lee
  • David Sipes
  • Folusho Orokunle
  • Frank Perez
  • Gavin Shannon (pushing a recent “opportunity” called ” Your Affiliate Success” by JR himself)
  • Harvey Hamilton
  • Harwood Hamilton
  • Harry Crowder (AffiliateSuccessReview.com)
  • Jack Hill
  • James Murphy
  • Jay Debolt
  • Joel ? – CFO Finity Consulting
  • Joel Hernan (Hernan Joel Severino)
  • Joel Lansky
  • Joel Severino
  • John Carter (Finity Consulting)
  • John Paul Raygozaclaims not to be the jerk who scammed me, but caller called Ted Molina “my GM”.  email address for Raygoza:  jraygoza@spamarrest.com
  • Lane Gibbons of NetGOLD365 – same address and owner is David Sipes who, in my opinion, supplied Raygoza’s boiler room with buyers’ names
  • Laney
  • Maria RaygozaJP Raygoza’s mother, “initial registered agent for several of the Raygoza corporations and is an affiliate of FutureEndeavor,com, LLC through her California corporation Sales Mango” … Raygoza money “transferred to accounts under the control of Maria Raygoza”
  • Marina Skegin – name on confirmation email when submitting to receive finityconsulting.com’s “newsletter” (marina@finityconsulting.com) on Nov. 12, 2010
  • Matt Alhouse
  • Matthew Myers“Power Cash Secret”
  • Matthew Silver
  • Michael A. Fitzpatrick, “General Counsel for Push Traffic” – disputed my chargeback requests to BMO with outright lies and fabrications
  • Mike Hill
  • “Mr.” Davenport (Finity Consulting)
  • P. Tuminaro
  • Patricia Law
  • R Williams
  • Richard Verala
  • Rich Maxwell
  • Robert Tarentino
  • Rob Artino
  • Rob Martino
  • Ron Grajeda
  • Rule Mitchell
  • Steven Johnson
  • Ted MolinaRaygoza’s brother – called “my GM” by the caller who scammed me, and whose email address was used (tmolina@pushtraffic.com)

If you have names of those who approached or coached you  in a Raygoza scam, please list them in comments

Companies/Sites operated by, or known to be associated with,  John Paul Raygoza

  • AffiliateSuccessReview.com
  • AutoCashSystem.com
  • CancunSeminar.com
  • CashWorkAtHome.net
  • ComplianceCalls.com
  • davidsipes.com/instantcash
  • DotIntel
  • Finity Consulting
  • FreeReviewSites.com
  • Future Endeavor
  • IncFortune.com
  • John Paul’s Underground Seminars
  • johnraygozaswebsites.com
  • JumpDash.com
  • JumpLaunch.com
  • LeadSourceAcademy.com
  • LiveLeadPros.com
  • Marketing Mentorship
  • Master Mind Marketing
  • Money Montage
  • moneymakingtruth.com/
  • myaffiliateprofitsblueprint.com/john-raygoza/
  • NetGOLD365 – owned by David Sipes one of John Raygoza’s partners
  • Power Cash Secret
  • futureendeavor.com, a corporation
  • Push Traffic Inc.
  • PushTraffic.com
  • RecessionProofMillions.com
  • Red Dirt Consulting (Utah)
  • SalesMango.com
  • SmartJabber.com
  • SuccessRate
  • TheTruthDVDSeries.com
  • TopBest-WorkAtHomeProducts.com
  • TopWealthWorkAtHome.com
  • Turnkey Internet
  • workfromhome-iso.com
  • YourAffiliateSuccess.com
  • Zero Friction Marketinghas affiliate pages belonging to Lane Gibbons/David Sipes

This is by no means a complete list – please feel free to add any you’ve had a bad experience with in the comment section.


chris yorke   On November 8, 2010 at 22:48
One thing that must be emphasised is that just because someone is (or calls himself) an attorney, do not assume he is honest.

Michael Fitzpatrick (as identified) phoned me on June 3 2009, in response to my first demand for refund. That devious little trickster told me I needed to work harder instead of being dissatisfied with Pushtraffic’s service! With even more brazen effrontery, Fitzpatrick dissembled about all the clear promises I was given upon sign-up.

Fitzpatrick made a very clear commitment during the phone conversation; he confirmed I was entitled to attend an exclusive seminar in LA that very month. While I remained skeptical about its value (I was already disillusioned with the bunch) I said I would confirm attendance. Last I heard from them. Nobody knew anything about any seminar, in June or any time. Obviously, a clear breach of a commitment that was also covered by my Mastermind category, as published on the website. Yet, when I put in for charge-back, this self-same lying scumbag, Michael Fitzpatrick, wrote back to my bank “there is no doubt he got everything he expected.”

Liar, Fitzpatrick. I want to get that no-goodnik sent to the gutter. Ditto for Andrew Weitz, legal counsel for Raygoza. Where do I sign?

JumpLaunch Stats and Review – more proof

In checking this blog’s stats, I saw a search term someone had used to get here  and decided to see for myself what results that search would yield. The term was “jumplaunch won’t let me pay”.

When I searched just “jumplaunch” one of the results was this link:


The stats are great – check out how many domains have been removed in the last year, and the negative reviews at the end of the page. Every company I’ve seen associated with John Paul Raygoza has reviews like the 3 listed here. Also check out :

Contact Information for Jump Launch | Company management by jgarcia at pushtraffic dot com

No point in repeating anything said here before – just know (and this is an opinion borne out by personal experience with Raygoza, Molina and Push Traffic) that if you want to lose every bit of credit you have, John Paul Raygoza is the guy who’ll oblige you. Then he’ll call you a fool and brag about how he spends your money. Be very wary!


ChrisY On September 3, 2010 at 16:14

just went looking and found this link:

  • U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – For any kind of Internet fraud, bank-related scams or other interstate criminal activity, check with the FBI or report complaints at: http://www.fbi.gov/.

    (Just for fun, you can also review the “10 Most Wanted” list on the FBI home page to see if you recognize anyone.)

    The list changes often. Some time, I am expecting to see JPR in the top ten for internet fraud Maybe Raygoza’s lawyers could check daily to see how far up their client has gone. For every position up, they could double their fees.


  • Sandy On August 27, 2010 at 17:57

    It is great to see that Pushtraffic, John Raygoza, David Sipes, Dotintel, Successrate, and Jumplauch are finally feeling a negative hit. I guess the word is getting out there that these guys are criminals. They aren’t even smart enough to see that they are ruining themselves…all by themselves. People are starting to fight back, it makes me happy!!!