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FTC Video by Convicted Online Scammer

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more about “Fraud: An Inside Look“, posted with vodpod


Ann 2010/05/02 at 15:44 | In reply to jennifer harris

Jennifer, I’m sorry to hear about the damage done to your company. I hope some of the readers can help you out with suggestions. I will, of course, forward anything I hear.
I guess we all know the law moves “exceeding slow”, and even a positive verdict won’t necessarily repair damage done. That’s why I built this blog – it gets me, personally, nothing in the way of financial return (notice – no ads other than for the “Hunger Site” which I support), but WILL serve to warn others about the ripoff artists online, and hopefully prevent readers from falling for their scams.
Just making known the names of people we’ve been scammed by, and spreading the word any way we can is may be all we can do other than reporting to the authorities. Scammers like John Paul Raygoza are well aware of that, and until the laws catch up, this is the best we can do. Every online report helps spread the word. Thanks.


jennifer harris 2010/05/02 at 12:53

We have proof that a “liar for hire” was placed in our business library. The man, as well as his accomplices, did several things that can be proven . He tried to say we committed SECURITIES FRAUD for a man who is a very rich disgruntled former short term partner who tried to make off with library (music videos licensed). The guy (Robert Williams ) got away with getting back the $100,000.00 but the judge threw out the securities fraud. Still, this guy ruined my company. Is there any recourse? It’s been about a year since the verdict which took place in Phoenix, AZ

Thank You,

Jennifer Harris