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The identity of the individual named in the previously missing sequential case number is, as I suspected, John Raygoza’s brother and former GM of Push Traffic Inc., Ted Molina. He was arrested today on the same charges as the other three.

In an earlier post here I speculated about what the hole in the sequence of case numbers already matched to John Raygoza, Manuel Molina and Michael Burleson meant:

This morning there are jail records for 3  individuals named in Case number BHSA077302. Next court date for all three is June 7, 2011. I’m guessing there’s at least a fourth since the case number sequence indicates number “2″ is missing from the list. I’ll forego giving my opinion about who that might be at this point.

John Paul Raygoza – Case No: BHSA077302-01, bail now $350,000

Michael Lee Burleson – Case No: BHSA077302-03; bail $455,000

Manuel Eduardo Molina – Case No: BHSA077302-04; bail $200.000

The sequence can now be completed with:

Ted Rene Molina – Case No. BHSA077302-02; bail $370,000

Molina has another case listed with an additional bail amount of $50,000. His next court date is listed as Aug. 15th. Unfortunately, I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to getting court information – only those who have a US billing address can purchase court documents online; so unless a reader with access to that information comments or emails, I can’t fill you in.

As usual the pdf of Ted Molina’s arrest details and case numbers etc. from the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. Twin Towers site is at PushTrafficSwindle.com

Edited to add:

One can no longer find any record on the Twin Tower site of John Paul Raygoza’s incarceration, case numbers, bail amounts etc. A search returns “No records match your search criteria”. Interesting when there are still pages for each of the others involved? Has a deal been made?



In the proposed class action against John Paul Raygoza and his companies (Douglas Mattern, et al. v. PushTraffic, et al.) the court has ordered an entry of default against corporate defendants: PUSHTRAFFIC, INCFORTUNE, DOT INTEL, LLC., SUCCESSRATE, INC., YOURAFFILIATESUCCESS, JUMPLAUNCH, and FUTUREENDEAVOR.COM, LLC.

However the Court also granted “defendant John Raygoza’s request for an extension of time to file a responsive pleading by no later than July 26, 2011.
Failure to timely file a responsive pleading shall result in the entry of default against defendant Raygoza.” As usual the actual document is reproduced at Push Traffic Swindle .

What should feel like at least a partial victory for the good guys doesn’t really. Raygoza has had more than enough time to transfer and hide assets, and with his upcoming criminal proceedings, and hopefully (on one level) incarceration, odds are not looking great for victim compensation in the civil matter.

The purpose for this blog originally was to spread the word about Raygoza and Molina’s scamming operations primarily to warn and prevent. I believe that, at least, was successful. There is some satisfaction on that front. I can only write about what I know to be fact or opinions based on my own experience. If anyone has suggestions for the blog’s future direction, please comment. Anything submitted respectfully is welcome.


  • not important  On July 28, 2011 at 00:12

    You could look into products that actually work, and report on ones that do not. This is something you could use to continue reporting the bad guys too.

    • Ann  On July 28, 2011 at 08:05

      Thank you for the suggestion. Happily there is already an excellent site online that does exactly what you suggest. Joe at I’ve Tried That (so you don’t have to) .com is a great source of information online. He reviewss opps that people ask him to, but also has a pdf book I’d recommend about real and honest online ways to make money (not your fortune :) ). I’ve used a couple of the methods and they do work. He also has a scam section where we filed a report on the Raygoza scams.

      You can find the site at http://www.ivetriedthat.com/ and will find Joe (one of the good guys!) at his I’ve Tried That FB page as well.

  • chrisY  On July 22, 2011 at 03:10

    It is, indeed, cold comfort to the victims of Pushtraffic and those other scams that the firms are now in default on the legal front, unable to defend themselves against a summons, at the same time as they are now defunct, empty shells. This matters to the credibility of any further proceedings against the firm’s owners, and may also impact on the culpability of the notorious henchmen of Raygoza, who made his swindle work. That includes Raygoza’s dopey attorneys Fitzpatrick and Weitz. Hope those slimbeballs also go unpaid.



Am I surprised that Raygoza is involved (defendant) in criminal proceedings? No.

It’s just further proof of the drastic lack of integrity in the character of John Paul Raygoza. But we who are involved in the proposed class action suit against him already know about that.

Wonder if anyone in LA who attends the proceedings will see fit to fill me in on tomorrow’s outcome?

Meanwhile, when I googled one of the search terms used to find this blog I found a reference to the review site mentioned earlier here (about results on the Raygoza hosting site, JumpLaunch –  https://onlinelowblowsandsuckerpunches.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/jumplaunch-stats-and-review-more-proof/ ).

This referenced a review of a hosting/service company called StartLogic.com. Though it certainly has higher customer numbers than JumpLaunch, it also has 5 positive & 41 negative reviews. The numbers on clients hosted show the same kind of bleeding as JumpLaunch’s. StartLogic was listed starting in 2005, and in the blurb about it guess who is quoted as Genera Manager? None other than John Raygoza!

I have no way of telling when that quote was written, and to be fair to StartLogic, Raygoza may no longer be associated with them. If that’s the case it might serve them well to remove the reference to him. If he is, it could explain the negative reviews – last one in December 2010.

The link is: http://www.web-hosting-top.com/companies/startlogic.com

Comments (copied here for immediate visibility):

  • Maryann  On July 14, 2011 at 19:05

    I will never ever host with jumplaunch or startlogic again since john raygoza had a part of them both. The slime dog that he is. I hope he rots in hell for putting me in the poor house.

  • ex-startlogic employee  On July 14, 2011 at 16:50

    Raygoza was just a manager there. Startlogic is a brand of iPower (now Endurance). I used too work with him there in Phoenix. And yes, he was a dick back then too.

    His narcissism was unbearable too :D He loves playing the role of someone important, but doesn’t like having reality pointed out to him. Following your blog posts with interest!


I hope Raygoza is going through a hell that compares with what he put so many others through. I don’t expect him to be terribly worried about the class action at this point – he has no concept of the pain, emotional and even physical, that he visited on his victims by leaving them not only disheartened, but often loaded with debt they had no way of managing. Many lost homes and family over it.

If he’s having family troubles over his felony charges, he might have an inkling of the trouble he caused for others by his fraudulent charges. I find it really interesting that he’s on the street (I could only hope not just figuratively) while the other two charged wait in jail for their court date. Could he be not only slime and roach-like, but crafty as a rat too?

Hopefully the facts will be clearer after the Tuesday court session. Though having watched JR and his brother Ted (where’s he?) skirt the law and authoritities, and flout the success of their scams, I’m thinkin’ Raygoza will worm his way out of this mess too. It must be Burleson and his nephew’s doings, right?

PDFs of LASD Twin Towers most recent prisoner records for Raygoza, Molina and Burleson may be found at Push Traffic Swindle.

Comments: (Copied here to be immediately visible)

  • Anon  On June 4, 2011 at 07:30

    You’ve got to hand it to JP Raygoza and Ted Molina, they are living the life of millionaires while Manny and Burleson are spending some quality time in the LA County lock up. I bet JP and Ted are smoking fine cigars, drinking cognac, and laughing about how Manny and Burleson are going to take a 10 years to Life kidnapping rap for them. Poor Manny, poor Burleson;  join the low blows and sucker punch club. Someone ought to drop them a line at the LA jail? I bet ole JP is promisng them even now that they will be free as birds any day now with big profits.



John Paul Raygoza, Michael Lee Burleson and Manuel Eduardo Molina were all arrested and jailed when criminal charges were laid in late April.

Two of them are still in jail; Raygoza posted bail (reduced from $450,000 to $350,000) and was released. I wonder why his bail was reduced and he alone released.

I think I know the connection between Raygoza and Molina – Manuel is John’s nephew? Interesting that he’s still sitting in jail.

The connection between Burleson and Raygoza is a little harder to track – Burleson is “founder and CEO” of LeadFlowDirect. Is their connection something as simple as membership at the same gym, or have they both been involved in the sort of scams for which Raygoza is known?

Lead Flow Direct appears to be an above-board international company. Was Raygoza ever involved there?  Was Burleson involved in any of the Push Traffic group of companies?

In the end, I guess I don’t really care whether Burleson and Raygoza are connected in business or not – the main thrust of this blog is publicizing JP Raygoza’s business operations in the hope of sparing new marketers the disappointment and heartbreak of having credit card and bank accounts raped by Raygoza’s scams.

Searches for other domains owned (and unprotected) by Raygoza – using a number of search terms including addresses, phone numbers and similar names yielded a few more results:

Lead Source Academy at two web addresses, but same physical address in Calabasa, CA, as well as same phone and fax numbers:

http://jumpdash.com and http://www.leadsourceacademy.com/ – both of which appear to be clones of:

Live Lead Pros at http://liveleadpros.com – different numbers and a physical address in Fort Lauderdale, FLA.

And a site which had nothing on it last I checked but is registered to Raygoza is ComplianceCalls.com – again at the Calabasas, CA address.

Interesting aside – it appears Raygoza is using hosting services other than his own hosting company,  jumplaunch, these days – perhaps hoping to distance himself from the messes he’s made?

The “Beware Of”  post on this site will be updated to show these website names.

And unless I come across new information, I’ll be waiting to see what transpires when Raygoza, Molina and Burleson make their next court appearance on the “torture” charge!


  • Chris On May 28, 2011 at 17:17

    I check this well-managed website every week, as it is now the leading news room for the increasingly fraught developments surrounding the Raygoza Gang.

    My motive, like all others who once trusted Raygoza, is really to recover the moneys that Raygoza stole from me.

    The weakness and ineffectiveness of consumer protection regulations in the USA continues to appall me.

    It is irritating to discover that everything the Raygoza Gang’s members (JR, Molina, Sipes, etc.) are now doing amounts to legal chicanery, obfuscation, delaying and avoiding responsibilities. It is irritating because the Californian (maybe Federal US) legal system allows so many avenues for crooks to thwart the law. Worse, still, these crooks have been materially aided by complacent credit card institutions and banks – the very life-blood of the various scams.

    2 years ago, the Gang retained its legal squad so as to keep their ill-gotten gains, plundered from trusting clients (like me). Now, some of the same bent lawyers are engaged to keep the crooks from going to jail.

    BTW: who is Burleson and what role did he play in the Gang?


Raygoza’s Work From Home Site

Guess he has to raise bail money somehow!

Information received this from one of our group:

Beware the latest scam by Raygoza just out of jail:


WHOIS information for workfromhome-iso.com :

[Querying whois.verisign-grs.com]
[Redirected to whois.tucows.com]
[Querying whois.tucows.com]
700 S. Flower St
Suite #1410
los angeles, CA 90017


Administrative Contact:
Raygoza, John hostmaster@jumplaunch.com
700 S. Flower St
Suite #1410
los angeles, CA 90017


Technical Contact:
Manager, Domain hostmaster@jumplaunch.com
700 S. Flower St
Suite #1410

Also beware of calls from Joel Merchant, alias Joel Lansky, who I understand is still associated with Raygoza.


  • Charlie  On May 12, 2011 at 20:51

    Coming soon: work-from-prison.com by jailbird John Paul.

Sales Mango – Testimonials For Themselves! Wow!!

And self given awards!!

This is an update of the earlier post – someone has had the good sense? to remove the little seals representing the awards they lied about winning from the bottom of the pages on the Sales Mango website. The domain was registered to John Raygoza’s mother; so who runs it – Raygoza and his thug partners, Ted Molina and David Sipes?

The seals are still displayed on the “Customers” page. But, without them the only things on that page would be the quotes from the scammers themselves – praising themselves and their company. Reminds me of “If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge ….” LOL

For those who know John Raygoza, Ted Molina, David Sipes and the scams perpetrated by them through web businesses like Push Traffic, JumpLaunch, SuccessRate and IncFortune (to name but a few) the sales or home page of Sales Mango will elicit gales of laughter! (maybe make them fall off their chairs laughing??)

The target at Sales Mango is small business. I’ll give you the link in a moment, but first want to point out a couple of things to look for:

Click on the “Customer” tab and you’ll see glowing testimonials and recommendations (red highlight is mine):

SalesMango is easy, secure, robust, and my staff LOVES it!

I needed a CRM that was easy to use. Where anyone from a salesperson to a top-level manager can you, without having to hire someone to fly out to our office to teach us how to use the software. SalesMango is easy, secure, robust, and my staff LOVES it!

David Sipes, CEO, JumpLaunch.com – web hosting company owned by Sipes’ partner, John Raygoza (no longer online)

It was built with ease in mind!

My sales people love SalesMango. It was built with ease in mind! Plus the reporting is great for my management team!

Ted Molina, VP of Marketing SuccessRate – a consulting company owned by Ted’s brother John Raygoza (no longer online)

This is well designed and well built …

The greatest Sales CRM ever invtented!

Joel Merchant, IncFortune.com – Operations Manager of company owned by John Raygoza (no longer online)

Dear Reader, are you still in your chair? 🙂 The testimonials are from none other than David Sipes, Ted Molina and Joel Merchant – all associates and/or partners in not only Raygoza’s scams, but Sales Mango’s ownership. Same stuff repeated on “learn more” page.

Now to the “Awards” (still claimed beside those wonderful words of praise above) …. I decided to look up the award winners – guess these little “seals” must be for decoration or something.
Claimed Awards
At the CRM Excellence awards site – no Sales Mango mention, no award

At CODiE 2009 site – no mention of Sales Mango at all – no award

Gold Proactive Protection Award site – “Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009’s proactive protection wins gold award …” guess they’re just saying they use award-winning Kaspersky?  Sales Mangono award

Business Software Satisfaction Awards 2009 site – again no mention – no award for Sales Mango

2009 CRM Market Leader – and again no mention of Sales Mango or its principles – again no award

I assumed the award claims were the usual Raygoza fraudulent claims, and in this case my assumptions proved valid – their claims didn’t.

The other little seals on the page are guarantees – is it possible they’re as legitimate, and mean as much, as the award ones?

Comments: (copied here to be immediately visible)
  • Chris On April 11, 2011 at 02:00 (this comment copied from another post)

    Just took a look at SalesMango site. Its construction is strikingly similar to the ignominious, disused and mis-used Pushtraffic site.
    I clicked on “help center” tab and got a technical problem. It is obviously not set up properly. Typical.
    Reminds me of that defunct Pushtraffic support ticket system, where I left 2 critical questions never to be answered. More defunct customer service from a professionally defunct Customer Service Manager.

  • Ann On March 28, 2011 at 17:34


    A reader actually emailed the sites who supposedly gave these awards to Sales Mango.

    The responses? “Never heard of Sales Mango” and “thanks for bringing it to our attention”.

    Gosh, who’d a thunk it, eh? LOL These guys are total idiots if they think no one’s checking on their foolishness.

    Hard to believe they would build a site so easily proven to be total garbage, and expect the online community to swallow the swill.

  • Sandy On March 10, 2011 at 15:43

These crazy bastards are over the top, they are one retarded bunch of idiots! One thing is for sure, it is beyond belief that these guys are still trying to do business using their actual names. Do they not realize that their names are plastered all over a lawsuit. Is this site (salesmango) just a decoy for some other scam…because I can’t believe, even these idiots, would but their names in the forefront like that when they are in the middle of being sued. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Ann On March 10, 2011 at 13:43

    Not yet, but that would likely at least get their memberships, if they even have memberships, pulled. I hate wasting more time on these losers, but will consider the suggestion.

  • anonymous On March 10, 2011 at 13:13

    Nice writeup. Have you tried contacting the actual sites that Raygoza claims gave his company an award? I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy to see how he is tarnishing their name brand.