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It’s Gonna Take More, John,

than lame-ass explanations and excuses in an old blog to repair your reputation!

A response to this post on John Raygoza’s personal blog before he removed all content in January: (direct quote – copy and paste)

On Dec 29th Raygoza wrote:


“How do I get my Alexa ranking up?
I have to spend more time on JohnRaygoza.com and write more and provide my readers with useful content.

What’s my plan?
To offer my readers awesome content and I know that most people who have visited my blog in the past, come to my blog to see what I’m up to. However, I’m going to limit “what I’m up to” to a bi-annually update. Kind of like what I did in my last post where I updated everyone on the 2nd half of 2010. Instead, I’m going to focus on what I do for a living. Most people “Google” me and find ugly things about me online and they jump to conclusions. For instance, yesterday I had lunch with the CEO of a major software company. He asked me flat out:
“John, I “googled” your name “John Raygoza” and I read a few good things about you and then I read a bunch of negative things from a lot of disgruntled clients. If you teach people how to SEO and PPC, why is it that you have all these negative things said about you online?

I said, ‘Glenn, I could give you a standard answer that most internet marketer’s use: If you Google Donald Trump scam, Microsoft fraud, Google Monopoly, you’ll find the same stuff said about them. But I don’t want to bore you with a lame answer. The truth is that I taught them how to do that and it came back to bite me in the ass.’

Glenn almost fell off his chair. “You said what!!?” Glenn replied.

I use to tell my clients that in order to write a compelling ad campaign on Google, you had to CAPTURE the reader’s attention.
If you see an ad that says:
John Raygoza Fraud?
and another one that says:
John Raygoza Makes Money?

Which one would you click on first? Well let me be the first to tell you. I ran a case-study on Google Adwords and split-tested the two campaigns to see which one brought in the most clicks.

The results are ASTONISHING! I almost fell off my chair.

I’m going to share the results with you, along with a screen shot of Google Adwords, and I’m going to expose once and for all why you read so much negative stuff about me.

Stay tuned – tomorrow I’ll release this data along with a screen shot.”


The first thing you’re doing, John, is trying to “ride” the traffic we generated. The only thing you taught those of us who get better traffic than you do is to be wary of online crooks. You stole $5700 from me, and I take that VERY personally.

You hadn’t posted to that blog since March, 2010 and now suddenly try to spin your lack of popularity to playing on Facebook instead of posting to your blog?? Wonder why there isn’t a “comment” feature?? 🙂

Give us a break LOL  You’re an idiot if you think people will buy that one. You’re a liar and a thief – pure and simple, and the only press and traffic you deserve is negative.

You quit Facebook, and had your wife change her page there when you realized that those you ripped off follow  the stupid things you do. I noticed your “friends” numbers on Facebook were starting to drop.

We all read and laughed at your narcisistic, adolescent and crude postings on “coffee is for closers.” (it disappeared after a commenter here exposed it, but a number of us have screenshots).  Try being honest, honorable and adult – you wouldn’t have to keep fixing things..

So Ted Molina is your full brother – nasty little creep that he is – guess that saying about apples not falling far from the tree is true. Some reason one of you had to change names? If he were my brother I’d change my name for sure!! 😀

Why can’t you grow up and stop admiring yourself long enough to act in ways that would mean you really are a good man. Keep going as you are, and you’ll always be the pathetic little egocentric adolescent thug.

If you ran the honest business you’d like us all to believe you do, you wouldn’t have to defend yourself, and aspiring marketers might actually look to you for information.


  • Sandy On January 24, 2011 at 18:52

    It is amazing that John Raygoza or, “Scumbag”, as I like to refer to him…just doesn’t get it! He must be SICK in the head. He, obviously, doesn’t realize how ridiculous he sounds when he opens his mouth. He is digging himself a hole. His lawyers should…and I say…should, be smart enough to tell this lunatic…TO KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT. He is making himself look like the “complete fool” that he is. He is laughable.

  • ChrisY On January 7, 2011 at 12:49

    This commentary of mine was published yesterday by The Australian, a flagship of the Murdoch publications group. I am applying all the pressure I can at every level to raise public interest in the subject of online fraud. Your site, Ann is another avenue.

    It is not simply about physical shops vs online shops. Your article overlooks a very persuasive reason for buying in Australia; consumer protection. The online retail market is far from mature in regard to the integrity of transactions and the ethics of overseas merchants.
    Most internet merchants are located in the US, and consumer protection there (even for US buyers) is primitive and shamefully ineffectual, in my brutal experience.
    Moreover, the online buyer should place no faith in credit card institutions. They are scandalously weak when it comes to protecting the consumer from online fraud, as I found with Visa. The credit card chargeback system fails to protect the consumer from scams. When it comes to protecting buyer interests, credit card agent banks are prepared to side with overseas fraudsters, if it suits them.
    All a US fraudster has to do is get the complaint classified as a quality dispute, and the credit card banks limply wash their hands of responsibility.
    Once Australian consumers have the bitter experience of being scammed by overseas merchants, they will rapidly lose enthusiasm for online purchases.
    You can’t take a foreign merchant to an Aussie tribunal.