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In the proposed class action against John Paul Raygoza and his companies (Douglas Mattern, et al. v. PushTraffic, et al.) the court has ordered an entry of default against corporate defendants: PUSHTRAFFIC, INCFORTUNE, DOT INTEL, LLC., SUCCESSRATE, INC., YOURAFFILIATESUCCESS, JUMPLAUNCH, and FUTUREENDEAVOR.COM, LLC.

However the Court also granted “defendant John Raygoza’s request for an extension of time to file a responsive pleading by no later than July 26, 2011.
Failure to timely file a responsive pleading shall result in the entry of default against defendant Raygoza.” As usual the actual document is reproduced at Push Traffic Swindle .

What should feel like at least a partial victory for the good guys doesn’t really. Raygoza has had more than enough time to transfer and hide assets, and with his upcoming criminal proceedings, and hopefully (on one level) incarceration, odds are not looking great for victim compensation in the civil matter.

The purpose for this blog originally was to spread the word about Raygoza and Molina’s scamming operations primarily to warn and prevent. I believe that, at least, was successful. There is some satisfaction on that front. I can only write about what I know to be fact or opinions based on my own experience. If anyone has suggestions for the blog’s future direction, please comment. Anything submitted respectfully is welcome.


  • not important  On July 28, 2011 at 00:12

    You could look into products that actually work, and report on ones that do not. This is something you could use to continue reporting the bad guys too.

    • Ann  On July 28, 2011 at 08:05

      Thank you for the suggestion. Happily there is already an excellent site online that does exactly what you suggest. Joe at I’ve Tried That (so you don’t have to) .com is a great source of information online. He reviewss opps that people ask him to, but also has a pdf book I’d recommend about real and honest online ways to make money (not your fortune :) ). I’ve used a couple of the methods and they do work. He also has a scam section where we filed a report on the Raygoza scams.

      You can find the site at http://www.ivetriedthat.com/ and will find Joe (one of the good guys!) at his I’ve Tried That FB page as well.

  • chrisY  On July 22, 2011 at 03:10

    It is, indeed, cold comfort to the victims of Pushtraffic and those other scams that the firms are now in default on the legal front, unable to defend themselves against a summons, at the same time as they are now defunct, empty shells. This matters to the credibility of any further proceedings against the firm’s owners, and may also impact on the culpability of the notorious henchmen of Raygoza, who made his swindle work. That includes Raygoza’s dopey attorneys Fitzpatrick and Weitz. Hope those slimbeballs also go unpaid.



Am I surprised that Raygoza is involved (defendant) in criminal proceedings? No.

It’s just further proof of the drastic lack of integrity in the character of John Paul Raygoza. But we who are involved in the proposed class action suit against him already know about that.

Wonder if anyone in LA who attends the proceedings will see fit to fill me in on tomorrow’s outcome?

Meanwhile, when I googled one of the search terms used to find this blog I found a reference to the review site mentioned earlier here (about results on the Raygoza hosting site, JumpLaunch –  https://onlinelowblowsandsuckerpunches.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/jumplaunch-stats-and-review-more-proof/ ).

This referenced a review of a hosting/service company called StartLogic.com. Though it certainly has higher customer numbers than JumpLaunch, it also has 5 positive & 41 negative reviews. The numbers on clients hosted show the same kind of bleeding as JumpLaunch’s. StartLogic was listed starting in 2005, and in the blurb about it guess who is quoted as Genera Manager? None other than John Raygoza!

I have no way of telling when that quote was written, and to be fair to StartLogic, Raygoza may no longer be associated with them. If that’s the case it might serve them well to remove the reference to him. If he is, it could explain the negative reviews – last one in December 2010.

The link is: http://www.web-hosting-top.com/companies/startlogic.com

Comments (copied here for immediate visibility):

  • Maryann  On July 14, 2011 at 19:05

    I will never ever host with jumplaunch or startlogic again since john raygoza had a part of them both. The slime dog that he is. I hope he rots in hell for putting me in the poor house.

  • ex-startlogic employee  On July 14, 2011 at 16:50

    Raygoza was just a manager there. Startlogic is a brand of iPower (now Endurance). I used too work with him there in Phoenix. And yes, he was a dick back then too.

    His narcissism was unbearable too :D He loves playing the role of someone important, but doesn’t like having reality pointed out to him. Following your blog posts with interest!


Raygoza’s Work From Home Site

Guess he has to raise bail money somehow!

Information received this from one of our group:

Beware the latest scam by Raygoza just out of jail:


WHOIS information for workfromhome-iso.com :

[Querying whois.verisign-grs.com]
[Redirected to whois.tucows.com]
[Querying whois.tucows.com]
700 S. Flower St
Suite #1410
los angeles, CA 90017


Administrative Contact:
Raygoza, John hostmaster@jumplaunch.com
700 S. Flower St
Suite #1410
los angeles, CA 90017


Technical Contact:
Manager, Domain hostmaster@jumplaunch.com
700 S. Flower St
Suite #1410

Also beware of calls from Joel Merchant, alias Joel Lansky, who I understand is still associated with Raygoza.


  • Charlie  On May 12, 2011 at 20:51

    Coming soon: work-from-prison.com by jailbird John Paul.

Restraining Order Sought Against Some Defendants

Mattern v. PushTraffic Injunction Filed against some of the defendants  (excerpt follows):

John Raygoza, Ted Molina, David Sipes, Finity Consulting LLC, Dot Intel LLC, Future Endeavor.com LLC, PushTraffic, JumpLaunch, Successrate Inc., Youraffiliatesuccess, Progressive Tax Group and IncFortune and their officers, employees and agents . . .

This injunction is necessary because even after being placed on notice through this lawsuit and numerous complaints to state attorneys general, these defendants continue to target vulnerable individuals and their credit card accounts through the use of false and misleading sales practices and credit card fraud. Despite being placed on notice that the use of defendants’ likenesses to promote their criminal enterprise is a violation of California Civil Code § 3344, defendants have continued to use plaintiffs’ likenesses to lure in other victims. And despite being placed on notice through this lawsuit that plaintiffs want no part of the defendants’ criminal enterprises, defendants have continued to target these very same plaintiffs by email and telephone, who have already been victimized several times over, and have attempted to tap plaintiffs’ credit card accounts. Defendants’ incorrigible behavior leave plaintiffs no alternative but to seek temporary injunctive relief”

A recent victim from Georgia, who is not involved in the lawsuit, has provided his sworn declaration (attached to the injunction) detailing the fraudulent charges to his credit card by Red Dirt Consulting of Utah on behalf of representatives of Finity Consulting of California. The same pattern of unconsented to multi transactions (in amounts which totalled $15,000)  used by Raygoza in his Push Traffic scams was used.

These defendants continue to scam even after being sued – hopefully the filed injunction will clearly illustrate the type of sociopaths the judge will be dealing with, and that a temporary restraining order is required to prevent  more suffering for new, as well as existing, victims.

JumpLaunch Stats and Review – more proof

In checking this blog’s stats, I saw a search term someone had used to get here  and decided to see for myself what results that search would yield. The term was “jumplaunch won’t let me pay”.

When I searched just “jumplaunch” one of the results was this link:


The stats are great – check out how many domains have been removed in the last year, and the negative reviews at the end of the page. Every company I’ve seen associated with John Paul Raygoza has reviews like the 3 listed here. Also check out :

Contact Information for Jump Launch | Company management by jgarcia at pushtraffic dot com

No point in repeating anything said here before – just know (and this is an opinion borne out by personal experience with Raygoza, Molina and Push Traffic) that if you want to lose every bit of credit you have, John Paul Raygoza is the guy who’ll oblige you. Then he’ll call you a fool and brag about how he spends your money. Be very wary!


ChrisY On September 3, 2010 at 16:14

just went looking and found this link:

  • U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – For any kind of Internet fraud, bank-related scams or other interstate criminal activity, check with the FBI or report complaints at: http://www.fbi.gov/.

    (Just for fun, you can also review the “10 Most Wanted” list on the FBI home page to see if you recognize anyone.)

    The list changes often. Some time, I am expecting to see JPR in the top ten for internet fraud Maybe Raygoza’s lawyers could check daily to see how far up their client has gone. For every position up, they could double their fees.


  • Sandy On August 27, 2010 at 17:57

    It is great to see that Pushtraffic, John Raygoza, David Sipes, Dotintel, Successrate, and Jumplauch are finally feeling a negative hit. I guess the word is getting out there that these guys are criminals. They aren’t even smart enough to see that they are ruining themselves…all by themselves. People are starting to fight back, it makes me happy!!!

Raygoza, IncFortune & JumpLaunch Scam!

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Raygoza’s goons are still at it. One of his “victims” from the past recently took another hit!

This time, someone claiming to be from “NetGold365” was the caller. I’m not familiar with that program, but judging by the collective experience of Push Traffic, IncFortune, DotIntel, etcetera ad nauseum victims, that program may be perfectly legitimate, but THE CALLER WAS NOT! As the expression goes – SSDD.

Caller lies about who he represents, asks for credit card info for “pre-authorization” and immediately charges the account for several thousand dollars.

This time when the client received paperwork, it was for the services of IncFortune and JumpLaunch! A dead giveaway that it’s just another Raygoza scam – Push Traffic’s reputation is now so dirty they’ve probably retired the name on their paperwork.

Anyone associated with John Raygoza and Ted Molina is suspect. Raygoza claimed he personally wasn’t the one who called to persuade, then rip me off (But who knows? See the opening post on this blog). However, we have seen posts by ex employees who tell exactly how Raygoza teaches his salespeople to gain the trust and goodwill of the “mark” then proceed with the scam.

Raygoza/Molina are smart enough to use paperwork to cover their ***es with the banks; and the banks are almost in league with them in that they appear to be ignoring the hundreds (more likely thousands) of customer complaints.


  • Don’t give your phone number on “opt-in” forms. If an “opportunity” won’t give you information without you giving a phone number, be wary. That’s how Push Traffic got my number – from another marketer.
  • If called by someone claiming to be an internet marketer whom you didn’t specifically ask to call – hang up – YOU HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING WHO THE CALLER REALLY IS, and if you allow conversation, you’re letting him know you’re open to approach.

If a company is legitimately charging you for goods or services they will usually ask not only for the number on your card, but also the name on the card, your billing address, and sometimes even the security number.

Push Traffic did not have the name as it is on my card, because if I’d been agreeing to a transaction at the time, I’d have volunteered that information to assure the success of the charge! However, the bank said they didn’t have to have a name – merely a number – do you wonder why I say the banks are not doing what they need to, to protect their customers?

If you HAVE BEEN TAKEN online, don’t let fear, shame or embarrassment stop you from reporting it to every agency possible – as quickly as possible. I’ve been waiting almost a year to get anything, including communication, let alone the return of the money they stole  from me.  Raygoza and Push Traffic have now acknowledged me but are still trying to wriggle out of responsibility for what they’ve done.

Links for reporting online scams are on the sidebar to the left; and the contact for the LAPD computer crime task force is:

Det. John Barragan at:


Detective Barragan wants as many of our scam complaints against John Raygoza’s companies as possible – if you haven’t, please file yours with him.


Sandy 2010/04/17 at 15:17

I’m with Ann…DO NOT FEEL INTIMIDATED OR EMBARRASSED IF YOU WERE SCAMMED BY THESE SCUM BAGS. If you do nothing else, email Det. John Barragan with your complaint… who knows, you may receive your money back because your name is listed as one of John Raygoza’s victims

Ann 2010/04/13 at 15:24 | In reply to clarence forcier.

Just additional proof that JR is a sociopathic personality – his world is all, and only, about him – absolute pond scum.

clarence forcier 2010/04/13 at 08:26

They are as lousy as anybody can get, they have no guilt when it comes to ripping you off…
(speculation about disposition of proceeds edited out, with apologies to the writer)
I got maybe 15 hours out of 40 of useful information, otherwise my coaching was mostly about themselves.
I told them I had no prior experience on the computer and John said “That’s not a problem, we will
show you how to do everything, we will teach you, what you need to know, and you can watch videos.”
Inspite of the fact that I told him I had 2 strokes and can`t remember very much for very long.
he said “NO PROBLEM, we will show you,” and flew me out there twice and just got a hotel room and
went to the office and sat in the conference room for 2 days each time and gained nothing that
would help me. John said “we charge $10,000.oo a day for that”. I guess that’s why they feel
justified in taking my $30,000.oo and saying “have a nice day – bye.”