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At a Crossroads . . .

Response to this blog has been gratifying! What’s missing is a place online where we who have been scammed by Raygoza, his employees and companies can share ideas, publicize our losses, and gain the attention of newbies who need warnings of the sharks waiting to feed on their bank accounts – and of course the authorities. :>)

My dealings with Push Traffic are at a standstill. They have been attempting to “settle” by making “offers” which are totally unacceptable. Unacceptable particularly when one realizes that the whole initial contact had ONE PURPOSE – to relieve my credit card account of as much money as the bank would allow, by conning me into thinking I was being offered help by an individual – for future payment!

Details of the latest non-developments in my dispute with Raygoza and Push Traffic tomorrow.


ChrisY 2010/05/05 at 00:42

Interesting that there was a debit block on his credit card payment. It is unclear whether it was only because some additional permission was needed, or whether Incfortune’s merchant account has been suspended. Hurray if it has! If all the gangster’s clones can be deprived of credit card access, there is hope of strangling the snake. http://www.davidlouismonk.com/

Sandy 2010/04/21 at 14:46

I really like the idea of a place where all us victims can go and plan our next move to put these criminals in jail. And…maybe we can come up with some great ways to get the word out that John Raygoza, David Sipes and all of their scumbag friends are nothing but LYING CHEATS. Let’s do everything we can. Regards P.S. my blog that I’m creating is just short of being ready to go…I’ll let you know when it’s done. I’m really excited about this.