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In the proposed class action against John Paul Raygoza and his companies (Douglas Mattern, et al. v. PushTraffic, et al.) the court has ordered an entry of default against corporate defendants: PUSHTRAFFIC, INCFORTUNE, DOT INTEL, LLC., SUCCESSRATE, INC., YOURAFFILIATESUCCESS, JUMPLAUNCH, and FUTUREENDEAVOR.COM, LLC.

However the Court also granted “defendant John Raygoza’s request for an extension of time to file a responsive pleading by no later than July 26, 2011.
Failure to timely file a responsive pleading shall result in the entry of default against defendant Raygoza.” As usual the actual document is reproduced at Push Traffic Swindle .

What should feel like at least a partial victory for the good guys doesn’t really. Raygoza has had more than enough time to transfer and hide assets, and with his upcoming criminal proceedings, and hopefully (on one level) incarceration, odds are not looking great for victim compensation in the civil matter.

The purpose for this blog originally was to spread the word about Raygoza and Molina’s scamming operations primarily to warn and prevent. I believe that, at least, was successful. There is some satisfaction on that front. I can only write about what I know to be fact or opinions based on my own experience. If anyone has suggestions for the blog’s future direction, please comment. Anything submitted respectfully is welcome.


  • not important  On July 28, 2011 at 00:12

    You could look into products that actually work, and report on ones that do not. This is something you could use to continue reporting the bad guys too.

    • Ann  On July 28, 2011 at 08:05

      Thank you for the suggestion. Happily there is already an excellent site online that does exactly what you suggest. Joe at I’ve Tried That (so you don’t have to) .com is a great source of information online. He reviewss opps that people ask him to, but also has a pdf book I’d recommend about real and honest online ways to make money (not your fortune :) ). I’ve used a couple of the methods and they do work. He also has a scam section where we filed a report on the Raygoza scams.

      You can find the site at http://www.ivetriedthat.com/ and will find Joe (one of the good guys!) at his I’ve Tried That FB page as well.

  • chrisY  On July 22, 2011 at 03:10

    It is, indeed, cold comfort to the victims of Pushtraffic and those other scams that the firms are now in default on the legal front, unable to defend themselves against a summons, at the same time as they are now defunct, empty shells. This matters to the credibility of any further proceedings against the firm’s owners, and may also impact on the culpability of the notorious henchmen of Raygoza, who made his swindle work. That includes Raygoza’s dopey attorneys Fitzpatrick and Weitz. Hope those slimbeballs also go unpaid.


An email sent from VINE services announced that Michael Lee Burleson, jailed in April on criminal charges with John Paul Raygoza and Manuel Eduardo Molina, was released today on bail.

Raygoza was released on bail May 10th and Molina on June 21st.  According to the LASD Inmate Information Center records all three men are scheduled to appear in court again on criminal charges July 15, 2011.

On June 6th John Paul Raygoza was given 6 weeks to get his lawyer problems sorted out in the proposed class action suit filed by lawyers representing 50+ named plaintiffs in a claim  naming him and Push Traffic Inc as defendants.

PDFs of inmate records are at PushTrafficSwindle

Crux of the Raygoza Scam

An earlier post edited for clarity:

History first:

I replied to an email from a marketer whose name was the same as an individual involved in one of the reported Raygoza scams. I  said  that an email from anyone linked in any way with Raygoza wouldn’t be well received by those of us who had been ripped off.

He actually responded, and I thought his response was good – as far as it went.

He said that because there are always unhappy customers (justly and unjustly so),  it is wise to keep your reputation intact by pleasing the customer – granting and paying refunds. However, he missed the real point in the problem with John Paul Raygoza’s operations – namely the fraud involved in the charges to credit card accounts in the first place. If those charges were legitimate, refunds wouldn’t be a problem in most cases.


His salespeople make an UNSOLICITED telephone call,  IMPERSONATING someone you think you have reason to trust, so that they can obtain a credit card number (classic phishing scheme).

(Because Raygoza is very familiar with past schemes whose perpetrators were charged and convicted (eg Google Money Tree) he has tried to cover all the bases by inventing “proof” that he believes will stand up in court – that his victims gave him permission to steal their money by producing a misrepresented signed document. The initial conversation, with false promises isn’t recorded, so it becomes the victims’ word against the invented “proof.” )

The caller uses that trust to get you to quickly sign a supposed “confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement” which actually turns out to be a  document they claim proves you OKd the charges. Those charges are put on your account before you even sign anything, which is how they determine how much they can get from your account.

They charge (put through multi transactions in small enough amounts that bank protection measures are overridden) every cent allowed to your credit card. If you have $4000 credit left on a card they will put charges through totalling the $4000 plus as much more as the bank will allow. If you have $10,000 in available credit they will use it – and as much more as the bank allows.

If you realize right away that the services promised are not what they are actually offering, and that you were scammed, you read the agreement more carefully. You realize what you signed, and think that your misplaced trust means you had best comply with their terms if you hope to recoup any of your loss.


Though you comply totally with the agreement’s terms, Raygoza and his brother, (Push Traffic GM) Ted Molina, totally ignore you. Your compliance means nothing.


Though  their inaction nullifies the agreement, they still submit your signature to the bank to dispute the chargeback request when you attempt to get your money back through the credit card dispute process.

The bank “buys” Raygoza’s  “proof” and he laughs because he knows that “possession is nine tenths……” etc. and up ’til now he’s gotten away with it.

He has even posted public comments calling his victims stupid for signing his agreements and telling them to “get over it”!

John Paul Raygoza is the most arrogant, egocentric and narcissistic LITTLE man I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.


What you should get in return is in no way relevant.

A thief does not voluntarily give back what he’s stolen.


  • ChrisY On September 1, 2010 at 20:19

    Good summary, Ann.
    From time to time, I notice anonymous postings that try to exonerate The Raygoza Gang for their atrocities.
    But the key issue- as you mention- is not poor customer service. (actually to call Puhstraffic’s CS ‘poor’ is to praise it) it is their contemptible and dishonest attitude to refunds. That is what Raygoza’s entire business empire is built on – a refusal to recognize refund claims. They did not even reply to my letters, and when I put my demand directly (by phone) to the infamous Harwood Hamilton, that scammer replied: “Sir, I can do nothing for you”, before he terminated the call.
    Worse still, when I was put onto someone named Joel, that stooge interjected and told me if I did not stop my complaining he would hang up. He abruptly transferred me back to an engaged phone line on Hamilton’s desk.
    Does everybody understand why I am enraged?

  • Sandy On September 1, 2010 at 17:12

    Ann, a wonderful post. I couldn’t have said it better myself. John Raygoza is a sniveling little weasel, and I know one day he will get what is coming to him. My hope is that it is jail time and that it comes soon. The man makes me sick! Keep up the great blogging. Sandy

Updated “Beware of….” Post

Although I posted this some time ago, it bears reposting to bring it to the forefront.

Beware of anyone using these names, or representing one of these companies.

Unless you enjoy being ripped off, that is!

** Entries with quotation marks below are direct quotes from the amended complaint Mattern v. Push Traffic. Anything in italics is my additional information**

My personal experience was with John Raygoza and Ted Molina in their Push Traffic phishing scheme.

These  names and/or site names come from:

  1. individuals reporting similar, or worse, experiences with John Raygoza’s companies on online scam report sites,
  2. are contained in advertising  associated with John Raygoza or one of his operations,
  3. or are named in the “First Amended Complaint For Damages” filed against Raygoza et al in UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA.

Some of these names will be AKAs rather than actual names of distinct individuals – one never knows who one is really talking to when Raygoza is involved – comments on at least one site were deleted when the site owners proved it was Raygoza pretending to be a “satisfied client” doing the posting.

In another instance he invented an ID calculated to be mistaken for one of his most vocal detractors in order to discredit her – again caught. The man is a consummate liar.


  • Alex Sainz
  • Andrew Weitz
  • Angel Woods
  • Ben Mayberry
  • Bruce Knight
  • Chris Bosleyclaims to be a paralegal who is not employed by Raygoza, but emails “offers to settle”  from the address cbosley@successrate.com
  • Christianyoung woman who calls to “set up” one’s account at Push Traffic
  • Danny Robbins
  • Dave Baxter
  • David (Dave) Gale
  • David Lee
  • David Sipes
  • Folusho Orokunle
  • Frank Perez
  • Gavin Shannon (pushing a recent “opportunity” called ” Your Affiliate Success” by JR himself)
  • Harvey Hamilton
  • Harwood Hamilton
  • Harry Crowder (AffiliateSuccessReview.com)
  • Jack Hill
  • James Murphy
  • Jay Debolt
  • Joel ? – CFO Finity Consulting
  • Joel Hernan (Hernan Joel Severino)
  • Joel Lansky
  • Joel Severino
  • John Carter (Finity Consulting)
  • John Paul Raygozaclaims not to be the jerk who scammed me, but caller called Ted Molina “my GM”.  email address for Raygoza:  jraygoza@spamarrest.com
  • Lane Gibbons of NetGOLD365 – same address and owner is David Sipes who, in my opinion, supplied Raygoza’s boiler room with buyers’ names
  • Laney
  • Maria RaygozaJP Raygoza’s mother, “initial registered agent for several of the Raygoza corporations and is an affiliate of FutureEndeavor,com, LLC through her California corporation Sales Mango” … Raygoza money “transferred to accounts under the control of Maria Raygoza”
  • Marina Skegin – name on confirmation email when submitting to receive finityconsulting.com’s “newsletter” (marina@finityconsulting.com) on Nov. 12, 2010
  • Matt Alhouse
  • Matthew Myers“Power Cash Secret”
  • Matthew Silver
  • Michael A. Fitzpatrick, “General Counsel for Push Traffic” – disputed my chargeback requests to BMO with outright lies and fabrications
  • Mike Hill
  • “Mr.” Davenport (Finity Consulting)
  • P. Tuminaro
  • Patricia Law
  • R Williams
  • Richard Verala
  • Rich Maxwell
  • Robert Tarentino
  • Rob Artino
  • Rob Martino
  • Ron Grajeda
  • Rule Mitchell
  • Steven Johnson
  • Ted MolinaRaygoza’s brother – called “my GM” by the caller who scammed me, and whose email address was used (tmolina@pushtraffic.com)

If you have names of those who approached or coached you  in a Raygoza scam, please list them in comments

Companies/Sites operated by, or known to be associated with,  John Paul Raygoza

  • AffiliateSuccessReview.com
  • AutoCashSystem.com
  • CancunSeminar.com
  • CashWorkAtHome.net
  • ComplianceCalls.com
  • davidsipes.com/instantcash
  • DotIntel
  • Finity Consulting
  • FreeReviewSites.com
  • Future Endeavor
  • IncFortune.com
  • John Paul’s Underground Seminars
  • johnraygozaswebsites.com
  • JumpDash.com
  • JumpLaunch.com
  • LeadSourceAcademy.com
  • LiveLeadPros.com
  • Marketing Mentorship
  • Master Mind Marketing
  • Money Montage
  • moneymakingtruth.com/
  • myaffiliateprofitsblueprint.com/john-raygoza/
  • NetGOLD365 – owned by David Sipes one of John Raygoza’s partners
  • Power Cash Secret
  • futureendeavor.com, a corporation
  • Push Traffic Inc.
  • PushTraffic.com
  • RecessionProofMillions.com
  • Red Dirt Consulting (Utah)
  • SalesMango.com
  • SmartJabber.com
  • SuccessRate
  • TheTruthDVDSeries.com
  • TopBest-WorkAtHomeProducts.com
  • TopWealthWorkAtHome.com
  • Turnkey Internet
  • workfromhome-iso.com
  • YourAffiliateSuccess.com
  • Zero Friction Marketinghas affiliate pages belonging to Lane Gibbons/David Sipes

This is by no means a complete list – please feel free to add any you’ve had a bad experience with in the comment section.


chris yorke   On November 8, 2010 at 22:48
One thing that must be emphasised is that just because someone is (or calls himself) an attorney, do not assume he is honest.

Michael Fitzpatrick (as identified) phoned me on June 3 2009, in response to my first demand for refund. That devious little trickster told me I needed to work harder instead of being dissatisfied with Pushtraffic’s service! With even more brazen effrontery, Fitzpatrick dissembled about all the clear promises I was given upon sign-up.

Fitzpatrick made a very clear commitment during the phone conversation; he confirmed I was entitled to attend an exclusive seminar in LA that very month. While I remained skeptical about its value (I was already disillusioned with the bunch) I said I would confirm attendance. Last I heard from them. Nobody knew anything about any seminar, in June or any time. Obviously, a clear breach of a commitment that was also covered by my Mastermind category, as published on the website. Yet, when I put in for charge-back, this self-same lying scumbag, Michael Fitzpatrick, wrote back to my bank “there is no doubt he got everything he expected.”

Liar, Fitzpatrick. I want to get that no-goodnik sent to the gutter. Ditto for Andrew Weitz, legal counsel for Raygoza. Where do I sign?

Raygoza Lawsuit Press Release!

Internet Marketing Guru Sued for Racketeering

Promised Millions but Delivered only Misery

John Paul Raygoza was a Millionaire at age 26

Elderly, Disabled, Unemployed Victims Scammed Worldwide in Work at Home Business Scheme ~ Jonathon Levy ~ October 5, 2010

*Edited to update case information on February 19, 2011, by blog author

California: Los Angeles based John Paul Raygoza, and his associates built a worldwide multi million dollar marketing empire within three years encompassing at least ten different corporations with names like SuccessRate, IncFortune and MyEbizNow from Florida to Hong Kong. Raygoza and his partners Ted Molina and David Sipes, who claim to be self made multi millionaires, promised their clients turnkey internet marketing businesses that would make them wealthy and successful too. The only true claim was that Raygoza and his associates had made millions, not legitimately, but by inflicting misery on their victims who were often elderly, disabled, and unemployed.

According to one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys Dr. Jonathan Levy, “This scam is the most coldhearted one I have ever seen. Victims who were already in debt, unemployed, disabled or elderly and living on fixed incomes were left with credit card bills of $30,000 or more while the twenty something year old scammers laughed at and derided those who begged for refunds.”

*Over 50 individuals, from four continents, have filed a proposed Second Amended Complaint, Class Action, listing “causes of action to just two counts, Fraud and RICO.” in a California Federal Court. The case is NO. CV10-9860 DMG (JCx). Defendants are John Raygoza, Ted Molina and David Sipes, individually & as a joint enterprise with joint & several liability.“*

Typical victims include an 87 year Australian man who was relieved of $55,000, a paraplegic Michigan attorney who was pressured into “investing” $20,000 from his hospital bed, and a 70 year old Georgia man with health problems who lost $20,000 and was threatened by the racketeers when he tried to obtain a refund. None of the 53 named plaintiffs ever earned a dime of their money back and in the aggregate lost over $750,000.

The scammers would cold call prospects who had indicated they were interested in a profitable home based business. A high pressure sales pitch would follow with promises of up to a million a year or more in profits and the initial investment, usually charged on the victim’s credit card with guarantees it would be repaid from profits within 30 days.

When the victims turned over their credit card numbers, they often found their cards were charged to the maximum or beyond. A written verification form prepared by the criminal organization’s attorneys followed and buried within this form was a clause that supposedly disclaimed the lies of the racket’s sales force.

Victims never earned money, but were provided with template websites promoting the scam in an attempt to ensnare yet more victims. Complaints to law enforcement and credit card companies were deflected by the scammers’ legal staff which claimed the victims had signed a contract for services.

The California Department of Justice under gubernatorial candidate California Attorney General Jerry Brown has received over 100 complaints but inexplicably has taken no action to date, possibly because the victims mainly reside outside California. The number of actual victims of the scam is estimated to be in the thousands worldwide.

For more information contact:

Jonathan Levy, Esq.

Thomas Easton, Esq.

1629 K Street NW Suite 300

Washington DC 20006 USA

Tel/Fax 1-202-318-2406



Copies of both court documents may be accessed HERE


A Possible Service for Recovering Losses

Thinking about using the services of any of John Paul Raygoza’s companies?

Do your due diligence and check out their reputations by following the links which take you to the stories and reports of dealings with Raygoza’s companies written by by the countless victims of his scams.

https://raygozascams.wordpress.com/ is an excellent source for honest reports by individuals who wanted nothing more than to learn the business of internet marketing, and were willing to pay for their education, but who chose the worst possible people and companies to invest in – John Paul Raygoza, David Sipes, Ted Molina and Push Traffic, or Inc Fortune, or any of the other company names Raygoza uses. (the latest shape-shift I’ve heard of is Future Endeavour)

If you have made the mistake of trusting Raygoza, or any other online ripoff artist, and can’t  get anywhere with recovering your losses, you may want to look at the services of companies who specialize in collections from scammers. One that was recommended to me in the last couple of days is http://www.bitterbuyer.com/

While, at this point, I am not actually vouching for this particular company since I’ve not used their services, I have no reason to doubt the value of their service either.  Just a suggestion of an avenue to investigate in your search for recovery and justice.


  • chris yorke On September 15, 2010 at 17:21


    Pushtraffic has been named and shamed by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) and its affilate, Mediation Arbitration Resolution Services (MARS).

    I hold evidence from MARS affirming the above notice, which I supplied to my lawyer, who is suing Pushtraffic for fraud.

    Basically, Raygoza (head of Pushtraffic) treats his clients with contempt, a disgusting fact that his regretful customers, such as I, need no evidence for.

    Australian victim of the Pushtraffic scam

Raygoza – King of Low Blows, Sucker Punches and Thievery Online

A blog dedicated to exposing and publicizing companies and cowards who deliver virtual low blows and sucker punches.

I’ll begin with my “favorite” for the title:

Push Traffic Inc. and its owner John P. Raygoza of Los Angeles, CA.

Raygoza owns a number of companies, most of which perpetrate the same “phishing” or “vishing” scams on unsuspecting, aspiring, internet marketers.

Push Traffic’s MO is to have an employee contact customers of a “respected” internet marketer. The unfortunate contact has, at some point, provided telephone contact information. This, of course, opens the question about how reputable the marketer was, and how Push Traffic got your information from him?

Push Traffic’s caller identifies himself as the marketer from whom (you) made the purchase. You have no way of knowing the caller’s real identity. If you question it, he’ll tell you whatever he thinks you’ll accept in order to allay any doubt – in my case “the online video (marketer’s name) is an actor hired for marketing purposes.”

That settled, the caller begins showing concern for your online business efforts, and when you indicate you’re struggling for lack of knowledge mainly, as he’s already sure you are, he offers his personal “help.” All of this is happening in a very pleasant and relaxed chat with your “new buddy.”

Now the questions about your ability to access the credit you’ll require “for expenses like advertising” are slipped in. If you give him the number of your credit card, he will put you on hold while he checks with the bank whether they would extend your credit a little if necessary. (he has an “in” with the banks, you know) On his return to you on the call, he confirms that the bank will be happy to cooperate.

His next real “move” is to tell you what he will help you to do, but that there are 2 conditions because he needs to protect himself, and he certainly deserves some payment!

First the “PROMISE”!!! You’ll be making thousands in no time, and must promise that when you’ve made your first $50,000, you will send HIM a check for $5,000 – now that seems VERY fair, eh?

Second condition is that in order to protect his trademark material and methods you will have to sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement which his general manager, Ted Molina, will email or fax for you to sign and return. This must be done quickly since it’s near the end of the day and the office staff will be leaving for the day soon.

All right! All that remains is for you to confirm your agreement with the guy who will call in the next few minutes, and talk with a woman named Christian tomorrow, who will get the process started. And of course, your buddy, the caller, will also be talking with you tomorrow! The fellow who calls to confirm has an accent so thick you can barely understand him – but, he clearly states that you will be responsible for the maintenance of your own sites. Hell, that’s no problem, and he must have said little else you didn’t already know.

You’re feeling a bit uneasy about the whole thing for some reason, but looking forward to getting started. Because you notice, when you look more closely at the agreement, that your credit card information is on it, you decide that it might be wise to check with the bank whether there have been any charges to your account.

Surprise! The company whose name is on the agreement has put through a number of smaller transactions which total more than the credit limit on your account! When you tell the customer service type that those charges shouldn’t be there, he says nothing he can do – talk to the company – they had your number and that was all that was required – didn’t even matter if the name wasn’t the same as on the card. When you ask them why they raised your credit limit without your permission, which is illegal, he says they didn’t – you’re in overdraft and will be paying overdraft charges each month.

Now you’re beginning to see just how royally screwed you may be, and how seriously you’ve likely erred in trusting the guy who called. Still hopeful of a “happy ending,” you give them the opportunity to call and discuss what’s happened, thinking it can’t possibly be as bad as it feels. But it is.

Christian DOES call; she wants you to choose one of 3 mickey mouse templates, which she will alter for you, and you now have to pay Push Traffic $118 “bi-annually” (not monthly – a reader pointed out my error) to host the ready made site for you! When you say “sorry but that’s not what was promised, and I have already purchased domains, hosting and autoresponders – plus I have financial concerns, ” she pauses, then says “well, you have to choose a site so I can start working on it for you.” You say no, you need to talk to your buddy. She says she’ll talk to him and he’ll call.

You wait another 18 hours – no calls; by now you’ve read the “agreement” more carefully, and realize that the only way out of this expensive mistake may be to comply with the refund terms spelled out in the agreement you signed (85% if cancelled by registered mail within 3 business days) and cut your losses. You do that.

What you don’t know, is that it wouldn’t matter what you do or don’t do. Push Traffic’s GM Ted Molina, owner John Raygoza and their scumbag lawyer Fitzpatrick are conmen who have no intention of refunding anybody, even when they promise to – their dispute of your chargeback demand is on the grounds that you received services, knew what you were getting and didn’t comply with their terms – ABSOLUTE LIES AND THEFT.

  • I RECEIVED nothing
  • I cancelled when I found out what they were offering (after they had taken my money)
  • I sent a cancellation by registered mail within 48 hours

You will pursue the refund that is owed you for months, without so much as an email in response. Does a scammer admit he defrauded you, then happily return your money? Not very likely. There is more to the story, but the end result is the same. You’ll likely be “whistling in the wind” for what’s rightfully yours.

One thing you can do is read on HIS PERSONAL BLOG the bragging this jerk does about how he spends the money he has stolen from all of us (52 that I know of personally, at last count).

February of 2011

Raygoza’s personal blog, as well as all his business sites with the exception of “SalesMango,” have been taken down – replaced by who knows what?

This is a work in progress. I’m hoping others who have been scammed by ANY online company or individual will comment or contact me to contribute a post. There are MANY out there who will take your money and give you garbage, or nothing, in return. Reputable companies (and there are also many of those) will work with you to see that you’re satisfied with their products or service, or failing that, will honor their money back guarantees . If you tell me how I can help – if only by getting your story “out there” I’ll try to work with you.


Ann 2010/10/04 at 22:01 | In reply to roger.

Roger, I hope you’ll get in touch with Jonathon Levy ASAP. He’s representing many of the people Raygoza has scammed, using the method you describe – multiple transactions on your account when you haven’t knowingly given him permission. Helluva way to make money – thousands of dollars for nothing but maybe an hour on the phone!

A despicable little creep!

roger 2010/10/04 at 17:41

This guy on the phone called me about setting up a online business – he said I will make you so much money, blah blah. He was the best phone scammer I ever heard; he must have worked in some serious boiler rooms. Anyway, he said he was not charging my card – just needed to know if it was good in case they wanted to do business. Soon as he got the # he hit my card 5 times in 5 minutes. I hung up and was suspicious so I called the bank and they said yep he is trying to hit it over and over. I told them the story and they put a stop to it. These people are ugly rip offs and totally deserve to be burned at the stake.

Hi Ann, fantastic post. I have been away for awhile so I haven’t visited your blog. I must say, you deserve a medal for pushing forward on this.

As I read your posts and the comments I am in awe that John Raygoza, David Sipes and the like are still operating. Every story gets more and more bizarre. I cannot even view his blog…it makes me want to vomit. John Raygoza and his criminal friends are going to really have their 15 min of fame when they are carted off to jail.

As you know John Raygoza’s victims are now fighting back with a lawsuit. I think I might even head down to LA just to see these bastards hand cuffed. I CAN HARDLY WAIT! Keep up the great work. Sandy

Ann July 13, 2010 at 21:42

Hi Sandy, thanks. Unfortunately since it’s a civil suit for damages, I don’t think there’s a question of handcuffs yet LOL

But with any luck there’ll be a bailiff standing by at the end of the suit (when we win it) to take these crooks into custody on criminal charges.

Gene July 5, 2010 at 21:24

I too had a promising future if I went with incfortune and success rate. The latest extraction of funds was based on the premise that I did not have to do anything because I was paying for their services and that I would be receiving cheques in the mail ‘within a couple of weeks’. It was also stated that at that time I will pay back ‘their’ portion (matched contribution) at that time also.

Don’t get me wrong and judge me when I said I did not have to do anything, I had every intention (and still do) to get things done with my new found knowledge that was shown me when I met with Raygoza and gang. This was 2 months before Christmas 09. I had already paid once at this point and I will admit it was good value. Fast forward a couple of months, I lose my mother to cancer as well as undergo a hernia surgery and I have to make accommodations for my father to live with me which was a significant change. It was at this time that I got a second call from one of incfortune’s rep’s.

It hasn’t even been a full year yet, I am now ready to get going, I go to log in to my members area at successrate.com and it is not there anymore. Can anybody explain that to me? I can’t seem to get any response to my inquiries. Can somebody else enlighten me please?

During all this trouble that I had just mentioned previously, I had still managed to pay down some but not all of the debt incurred paying for my initial training and mentoring with incfortune. Then I received another phone call and the sales rep had all the goods on me, ie. who I was, credit card numbers, how much I had spent to this date and what I had accomplished thus far. I had clearly stated that I was not in a position yet to actively pursue any time table in order to establish my on-line presence as I still had some family issues and loose ends to take care of.

That was when I was promised that I did not have to do anything this time around, everything was going to be done for me, all I had to do was cash the cheques and pay off my debt even before there were any interest charges. Needless to say, I am still paying down my debt today.(It was only a HIGH 4 figure amount this time)

Douglas 2010/06/07 at 19:24

Like so many people I was scammed to the tune of several thousands of dollars by this crook and his gang — and they continue.

A few months ago, I received a call from Raygoza’s office that things would change for the better as I was being promoted from VIP status to some type of partnership with Raygoza.
Three times the caller stopped the conversation to meet with Raygoza. Finally the caller said it was approved–except for one detail–I was to pay $30,000 more for the promotion.

The man is dishonest; his salespeople are horrendous liars. Hopefully the current LAPD investigation will stop the fraud and put John Raygoza and his phony companies. i.e. Push Traffic and Inc Fortune, permanently out of business.

Debra 2010/03/03 at 10:00

I too was ripped off by the Pushtraffic scam for the amount of $18,000, in April 2009. I did receive a small amount of coaching from one of their mentors (joke), suddenly he was no longer with the company and they went to webinars which were suppose to be with JP Raygoza himself, but he was too busy vacationing to run the webinar so he has turned it over to David Sipes.

What my complaint is, is the lying that they have no problem with doing to get your money. I was promised a website that they would push traffic to, which never happened. As of now I have a half assed webpage because my coach was fired. JP Raygoza himself called my house night and day to see if I could give him some credit card numbers, (I had told him I didn’t have them with me and I was going to have to contact the bank to get new cards.) He had Harwood Hamilton, Rob Marino, and Robert Tarentino calling me daily also. This went on for about 2 weeks.

JP Raygoza personally promised me that I was going into a joint venture with him and that he did not want to lose money, so he would make sure I would not lose money. Like a fool I gave them 3 credit card numbers and on the first they went over the limit by $2400, on the other two they maxed the cards out completely,  all the while I repeatedly said no more than $10,000.

I recently contacted Mr. Raygoza to find out what happened to Pushtraffic, he was very rude and asked when I signed up and I told him and he said well your six months are up, it’s not my problem. I then told him that his contract stated that they would work with me for a year or until money invested was recouped. He did not like this and we argued and he hung up on me.

I refuse to let this go without a fight and have contacted the Computer Crimes Division and reported the scam Raygoza is selling. He has his own Boiler Room setup (his favorite movie by the way). I hope that those of you out there also scammed by this monster will do the same. My heart goes out to all his victims because I know personally how devastating it is to be so deep in debt.

Donna 2010/03/03 at 00:59

Yes, I was scammed – 3 times in a few weeks. They just kept saying that the services would be better each time and that PPC advertising would be included. I didn’t even get the website they promised. I was supposed to get newbie training but the first 2 questions I asked the coach he couldn’t answer. He told me to look on the internet for videos of instructions! Why would anyone pay $15,000 and then be told to get answers from somewhere else? I demanded my money back, but they refused.

I reported them to the Los Angeles Police Dept. The detective told me he had already received about 50 complaints about them and that there was a criminal investigation. So he gave me the email address for the Computer Crimes Division who are doing this investigation. Please pass it on to everyone who reports this. They have lots of companies doing this scam – all owned by John Paul Raygoza. They are Push Traffic, Inc Fortune, Dotintel and Success Rate. The email to report them to the police is 30146@lapd.lacity.org

Chris 2010/03/02 at 18:54

I truly hope your website helps the cause, Ann.