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Whoa!!!! Salty Droid, SHAMblog, Wannabe Syndicate stuff . . .

Have to admit to being more than a little overwhelmed by all the new info hitting me this week.

Here I’ve been concentrating on the evil I know, John Paul Raygoza, thinking he’s “evil incarnate” only to find out he’s merely pimping his services to the real big boys in the evil syndicate, and being a wannabe at their game…

He’s the guy dumb enough to try to compete with the “syndicate” by ripping people off in in his own upsell boiler room where he gets to keep all the loot. But in doing that he’s been so greedy and reckless that he’s called the attention of the media to the whole rotten web of ripoff artists online. Will they appreciate this little puke’s shenanigans drawing attention to their operations? Methinks not!

However, as I think someone has already said :>) he is so slimy and smarmy and egocentric and greedy and a braggart (whoops – don’t get sidetracked here)  it will take some effort to corral the slime.  He spent a lot of time with his cohorts, Molina and Sipes at least, planning the scam process (described earlier in the blog) so as to cover their collective little asses as legally well as possible.

I’ve never questioned JR’s intelligence, just his smarts. He is a little wannabe who thinks he’s smarter than anyone else, but forgot that if you’re going to operate a criminal empire, you’d better really be in with the big boys, be sure of alliances and of others’  loyalty and probably very important – it’s not that wise to piss off those you scammed by rubbing their noses in the wonderful time you’re having on their money. Speaking as one of that group, we may have been trusting and gullible, but we’re far from stupid.

And you can bet your hairy little butt, John, that we won’t rest until we get our money back one way or the other.

Now, for those of you who may not, as yet, have been there, there are two sites that have lots of information about the “syndicate”, well known “gurus” and their methods of making money (all about call centers and “upsell”).

It takes a while to sift through posts/articles and comments to glean facts, but the time is worth it if you’re curious about reality in internet marketing business building, and the machinations of the most quoted and publicized “gurus”. Their schemes to “trick” (read bilk) you and me are detailed – sometimes unwisely by themselves.

As a bonus, some of the stuff  is truly entertaining! Watch Frank Kern’s video and see Salty Droid’s reprints of Raygoza’s name-dropping tweets – rampant and out of control ego – these guys have some kind of god complex –  so narcissistic they’ve  gotten careless – check it out for yourself!

SHAMblog is another site with the story and comments.

Thanks again to Dr. Levy and his people for their efforts on behalf of Raygoza’s victims. He has some great comments on the Salty Droid’s  “John Raygoza Scams Yo Momma” post

– one of which is:

Dr. Levy said:

Just to clarify, Raygoza and company are being sued under federal RICO statutes for civil racketeering. Anyone upstream from these defendants had better take notice, if the plaintiffs do not get back 100 cents on the dollar, you may be next. I don’t for one minute believe Raygoza is not part of some MLM himself. I will go all the way up the food chain if I have to (to) get justice.

As Lord John Roxton said:

“There are times, young fellah, when every one of us must make a stand for human right and justice, or you never feel clean again.”

On a very  positive note – this on a colleague’s blog!