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I hope Raygoza is going through a hell that compares with what he put so many others through. I don’t expect him to be terribly worried about the class action at this point – he has no concept of the pain, emotional and even physical, that he visited on his victims by leaving them not only disheartened, but often loaded with debt they had no way of managing. Many lost homes and family over it.

If he’s having family troubles over his felony charges, he might have an inkling of the trouble he caused for others by his fraudulent charges. I find it really interesting that he’s on the street (I could only hope not just figuratively) while the other two charged wait in jail for their court date. Could he be not only slime and roach-like, but crafty as a rat too?

Hopefully the facts will be clearer after the Tuesday court session. Though having watched JR and his brother Ted (where’s he?) skirt the law and authoritities, and flout the success of their scams, I’m thinkin’ Raygoza will worm his way out of this mess too. It must be Burleson and his nephew’s doings, right?

PDFs of LASD Twin Towers most recent prisoner records for Raygoza, Molina and Burleson may be found at Push Traffic Swindle.

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  • Anon  On June 4, 2011 at 07:30

    You’ve got to hand it to JP Raygoza and Ted Molina, they are living the life of millionaires while Manny and Burleson are spending some quality time in the LA County lock up. I bet JP and Ted are smoking fine cigars, drinking cognac, and laughing about how Manny and Burleson are going to take a 10 years to Life kidnapping rap for them. Poor Manny, poor Burleson;  join the low blows and sucker punch club. Someone ought to drop them a line at the LA jail? I bet ole JP is promisng them even now that they will be free as birds any day now with big profits.


Raygoza’s Roaches On the Move Again (Still)!

Using Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Disaster in Classic Scam

A plaintiff in the class action against John Paul Raygoza, David Sipes and Ted Molina – meaning an individual already scammed by these thugs – reports a new attempt!

Long story, short -the call received from a woman representing Inc Fortune – classic “you are owed money… send us the tax, and we’ll send your money” scam – was a followup to their illegal use of a domain belonging to the plaintiff.

Their stupidity is absolutely mind boggling.

A direct quote from the person they made the mistake of calling:

“I received the most interesting phone call on Saturday. Caller ID
showed “Private Caller”. I have a client who uses that so I answered.

The lady identified herself as Rachel and said she was calling from
Inc Fortune. I didn’t say anything. She asked, “You know who that is
right?” I said yes.

She proceeded to tell me that she had a check for me in the amount
of $4,xxx.xx ( I wasn’t really paying attention to the number), that the
money was from sales I had made in Japan and that the office over
there had to close due to the earthquake so they were dispersing the
funds. There was only one problem, taxes had to be paid on the money.
The taxes due are $136.00 and I needed to send that money to her
before they could send me my check. Then she said, “So can you send
us a check right away?”

I said, “No.” She seemed truly shocked and said, “No?” I told her that
I’d like some more information. I asked her, “How did I make money in
Japan?” She replied, “From your website. You do have a website don’t
you?” I said, “Yes but I have 2 or 3. I’d like to know which one made
sales.” She said she didn’t have that information but could transfer me to the people who did. I told her no, that I’d like to know how to contact her and started asking for her phone number when she hung up.

Now I know the one website I had was canceled because I didn’t renew
the domain name. And they had told me they weren’t going to use the
second one because it was a WFH (work from home) and Google was
getting too expensive to compete there. (Yeah, right!) They were
supposed to give me one (a site) for weight loss but I can’t imagine many
Japanese people needing weight loss info.

So I got on the internet and typed in my domain name that they all
really liked: http://www.XXXXXXXXXXXX.com.

Lo and behold here’s what I saw:


Screenshot of Ripped-off Domain

At the bottom it says:
Copyright & copy; 2010 www.affiliatesuccessreview.com

All Rights Reserved.  

So then I went to my hosting company and saw that the name servers
had been changed and were not mine.

Then I went to GoDaddy where the domain is registered and it is still
there under my name. And then I went to the verification site and yes,
it’s still my name there too.”

Research by another plaintiff  in WhoIs records shows that they “appear to have been changed 3 times since she purchased the domain name, despite the fact that she has never activated a website on it. Sounds… like they have done this without her permission for their own gain.”

All of this information is being sent to the California Attorney General, and provides yet more damning proof of Raygoza’s thievery and fraud for the class action suit in progress.

Has desperation set in in LALALand? That Raygoza’s compadres would use what is a well advertised scam method to try to make money in a carelessly executed (phoning a previously scammed contact!!) ripoff is totally amazing.

Hmmmm – unless you remember that these guys figured out a “foolproof” scam, but had no common sense when it came to building and preserving credibility.

They are indeed like roaches – soulless creatures who scuttle in the filth of the criminal world.  No real intelligence – just the basest survival instincts. Make my skin crawl.


  • Give no one online your telephone number unless you want calls from unknown persons
  • Never trust that anyone who phones from an online contact is who they say they are without checking
  • Trust no one who won’t give you their own contact info and provably good references
  • Give no one online banking or credit card info outside of a secured payment site
  • Never believe you must pay to receive a payment

Raygoza’s Websites Down…

In the interest of making this blog easier to read and more relevant to today, I’ll be reorganizing over the next week. I’ll likely totally remove posts which refer directly to some of John Paul Raygoza’s sites which are no longer online, because those posts were here as a warning. Nothing will be erased,  just “filed” in case anyone wants it later.

Other posts may be edited to reflect recent developments. An example – today I edited the Raygoza court case press release post. I have been editing some all along – for instance removing the names of some marketers from the “Beware of” post, since they are no longer named defendants in the proposed class action, and had their identities stolen by Raygoza and his cohorts.

The stated purpose of this blog was, and still is, to publish warnings and provide resources to those who’ve already been taken by unscrupulous marketers. My experience was with John Paul Raygoza, so the concentration has been on his companies’ scams, but the resource links are here for the use of individuals who feel they’ve been ripped off by anyone online.

A reminder – I welcome comments. They are “moderated” which means once you submit them, they are visible to you alone until I “approve” them. At that point they are visible to anyone. Commenting is set up that way to keep spam comments from showing up mainly.

When you comment I am given your submitted email (which I send a test message to, btw, if I’m in doubt) as well as your IP address. That’s how one of Raygoza’s victims caught him attempting to damage her reputation btw; he (from his provable IP address) tried to diss her using an assumed  forum identity – he was banned. 😀

However, moderation also means you can communicate with me without fear of having it published if you don’t want it to be. Just say that. I respect your right to privacy and will not “publish” anything you don’t want me to (unless you’re John Paul Raygoza, that is).

Any news I’m free to pass on about the lawsuit, I will as it becomes available. If you see anything relevant to it or any other scam that isn’t here, please let me know.

Raygoza – King of Low Blows, Sucker Punches and Thievery Online

A blog dedicated to exposing and publicizing companies and cowards who deliver virtual low blows and sucker punches.

I’ll begin with my “favorite” for the title:

Push Traffic Inc. and its owner John P. Raygoza of Los Angeles, CA.

Raygoza owns a number of companies, most of which perpetrate the same “phishing” or “vishing” scams on unsuspecting, aspiring, internet marketers.

Push Traffic’s MO is to have an employee contact customers of a “respected” internet marketer. The unfortunate contact has, at some point, provided telephone contact information. This, of course, opens the question about how reputable the marketer was, and how Push Traffic got your information from him?

Push Traffic’s caller identifies himself as the marketer from whom (you) made the purchase. You have no way of knowing the caller’s real identity. If you question it, he’ll tell you whatever he thinks you’ll accept in order to allay any doubt – in my case “the online video (marketer’s name) is an actor hired for marketing purposes.”

That settled, the caller begins showing concern for your online business efforts, and when you indicate you’re struggling for lack of knowledge mainly, as he’s already sure you are, he offers his personal “help.” All of this is happening in a very pleasant and relaxed chat with your “new buddy.”

Now the questions about your ability to access the credit you’ll require “for expenses like advertising” are slipped in. If you give him the number of your credit card, he will put you on hold while he checks with the bank whether they would extend your credit a little if necessary. (he has an “in” with the banks, you know) On his return to you on the call, he confirms that the bank will be happy to cooperate.

His next real “move” is to tell you what he will help you to do, but that there are 2 conditions because he needs to protect himself, and he certainly deserves some payment!

First the “PROMISE”!!! You’ll be making thousands in no time, and must promise that when you’ve made your first $50,000, you will send HIM a check for $5,000 – now that seems VERY fair, eh?

Second condition is that in order to protect his trademark material and methods you will have to sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement which his general manager, Ted Molina, will email or fax for you to sign and return. This must be done quickly since it’s near the end of the day and the office staff will be leaving for the day soon.

All right! All that remains is for you to confirm your agreement with the guy who will call in the next few minutes, and talk with a woman named Christian tomorrow, who will get the process started. And of course, your buddy, the caller, will also be talking with you tomorrow! The fellow who calls to confirm has an accent so thick you can barely understand him – but, he clearly states that you will be responsible for the maintenance of your own sites. Hell, that’s no problem, and he must have said little else you didn’t already know.

You’re feeling a bit uneasy about the whole thing for some reason, but looking forward to getting started. Because you notice, when you look more closely at the agreement, that your credit card information is on it, you decide that it might be wise to check with the bank whether there have been any charges to your account.

Surprise! The company whose name is on the agreement has put through a number of smaller transactions which total more than the credit limit on your account! When you tell the customer service type that those charges shouldn’t be there, he says nothing he can do – talk to the company – they had your number and that was all that was required – didn’t even matter if the name wasn’t the same as on the card. When you ask them why they raised your credit limit without your permission, which is illegal, he says they didn’t – you’re in overdraft and will be paying overdraft charges each month.

Now you’re beginning to see just how royally screwed you may be, and how seriously you’ve likely erred in trusting the guy who called. Still hopeful of a “happy ending,” you give them the opportunity to call and discuss what’s happened, thinking it can’t possibly be as bad as it feels. But it is.

Christian DOES call; she wants you to choose one of 3 mickey mouse templates, which she will alter for you, and you now have to pay Push Traffic $118 “bi-annually” (not monthly – a reader pointed out my error) to host the ready made site for you! When you say “sorry but that’s not what was promised, and I have already purchased domains, hosting and autoresponders – plus I have financial concerns, ” she pauses, then says “well, you have to choose a site so I can start working on it for you.” You say no, you need to talk to your buddy. She says she’ll talk to him and he’ll call.

You wait another 18 hours – no calls; by now you’ve read the “agreement” more carefully, and realize that the only way out of this expensive mistake may be to comply with the refund terms spelled out in the agreement you signed (85% if cancelled by registered mail within 3 business days) and cut your losses. You do that.

What you don’t know, is that it wouldn’t matter what you do or don’t do. Push Traffic’s GM Ted Molina, owner John Raygoza and their scumbag lawyer Fitzpatrick are conmen who have no intention of refunding anybody, even when they promise to – their dispute of your chargeback demand is on the grounds that you received services, knew what you were getting and didn’t comply with their terms – ABSOLUTE LIES AND THEFT.

  • I RECEIVED nothing
  • I cancelled when I found out what they were offering (after they had taken my money)
  • I sent a cancellation by registered mail within 48 hours

You will pursue the refund that is owed you for months, without so much as an email in response. Does a scammer admit he defrauded you, then happily return your money? Not very likely. There is more to the story, but the end result is the same. You’ll likely be “whistling in the wind” for what’s rightfully yours.

One thing you can do is read on HIS PERSONAL BLOG the bragging this jerk does about how he spends the money he has stolen from all of us (52 that I know of personally, at last count).

February of 2011

Raygoza’s personal blog, as well as all his business sites with the exception of “SalesMango,” have been taken down – replaced by who knows what?

This is a work in progress. I’m hoping others who have been scammed by ANY online company or individual will comment or contact me to contribute a post. There are MANY out there who will take your money and give you garbage, or nothing, in return. Reputable companies (and there are also many of those) will work with you to see that you’re satisfied with their products or service, or failing that, will honor their money back guarantees . If you tell me how I can help – if only by getting your story “out there” I’ll try to work with you.


Ann 2010/10/04 at 22:01 | In reply to roger.

Roger, I hope you’ll get in touch with Jonathon Levy ASAP. He’s representing many of the people Raygoza has scammed, using the method you describe – multiple transactions on your account when you haven’t knowingly given him permission. Helluva way to make money – thousands of dollars for nothing but maybe an hour on the phone!

A despicable little creep!

roger 2010/10/04 at 17:41

This guy on the phone called me about setting up a online business – he said I will make you so much money, blah blah. He was the best phone scammer I ever heard; he must have worked in some serious boiler rooms. Anyway, he said he was not charging my card – just needed to know if it was good in case they wanted to do business. Soon as he got the # he hit my card 5 times in 5 minutes. I hung up and was suspicious so I called the bank and they said yep he is trying to hit it over and over. I told them the story and they put a stop to it. These people are ugly rip offs and totally deserve to be burned at the stake.

Hi Ann, fantastic post. I have been away for awhile so I haven’t visited your blog. I must say, you deserve a medal for pushing forward on this.

As I read your posts and the comments I am in awe that John Raygoza, David Sipes and the like are still operating. Every story gets more and more bizarre. I cannot even view his blog…it makes me want to vomit. John Raygoza and his criminal friends are going to really have their 15 min of fame when they are carted off to jail.

As you know John Raygoza’s victims are now fighting back with a lawsuit. I think I might even head down to LA just to see these bastards hand cuffed. I CAN HARDLY WAIT! Keep up the great work. Sandy

Ann July 13, 2010 at 21:42

Hi Sandy, thanks. Unfortunately since it’s a civil suit for damages, I don’t think there’s a question of handcuffs yet LOL

But with any luck there’ll be a bailiff standing by at the end of the suit (when we win it) to take these crooks into custody on criminal charges.

Gene July 5, 2010 at 21:24

I too had a promising future if I went with incfortune and success rate. The latest extraction of funds was based on the premise that I did not have to do anything because I was paying for their services and that I would be receiving cheques in the mail ‘within a couple of weeks’. It was also stated that at that time I will pay back ‘their’ portion (matched contribution) at that time also.

Don’t get me wrong and judge me when I said I did not have to do anything, I had every intention (and still do) to get things done with my new found knowledge that was shown me when I met with Raygoza and gang. This was 2 months before Christmas 09. I had already paid once at this point and I will admit it was good value. Fast forward a couple of months, I lose my mother to cancer as well as undergo a hernia surgery and I have to make accommodations for my father to live with me which was a significant change. It was at this time that I got a second call from one of incfortune’s rep’s.

It hasn’t even been a full year yet, I am now ready to get going, I go to log in to my members area at successrate.com and it is not there anymore. Can anybody explain that to me? I can’t seem to get any response to my inquiries. Can somebody else enlighten me please?

During all this trouble that I had just mentioned previously, I had still managed to pay down some but not all of the debt incurred paying for my initial training and mentoring with incfortune. Then I received another phone call and the sales rep had all the goods on me, ie. who I was, credit card numbers, how much I had spent to this date and what I had accomplished thus far. I had clearly stated that I was not in a position yet to actively pursue any time table in order to establish my on-line presence as I still had some family issues and loose ends to take care of.

That was when I was promised that I did not have to do anything this time around, everything was going to be done for me, all I had to do was cash the cheques and pay off my debt even before there were any interest charges. Needless to say, I am still paying down my debt today.(It was only a HIGH 4 figure amount this time)

Douglas 2010/06/07 at 19:24

Like so many people I was scammed to the tune of several thousands of dollars by this crook and his gang — and they continue.

A few months ago, I received a call from Raygoza’s office that things would change for the better as I was being promoted from VIP status to some type of partnership with Raygoza.
Three times the caller stopped the conversation to meet with Raygoza. Finally the caller said it was approved–except for one detail–I was to pay $30,000 more for the promotion.

The man is dishonest; his salespeople are horrendous liars. Hopefully the current LAPD investigation will stop the fraud and put John Raygoza and his phony companies. i.e. Push Traffic and Inc Fortune, permanently out of business.

Debra 2010/03/03 at 10:00

I too was ripped off by the Pushtraffic scam for the amount of $18,000, in April 2009. I did receive a small amount of coaching from one of their mentors (joke), suddenly he was no longer with the company and they went to webinars which were suppose to be with JP Raygoza himself, but he was too busy vacationing to run the webinar so he has turned it over to David Sipes.

What my complaint is, is the lying that they have no problem with doing to get your money. I was promised a website that they would push traffic to, which never happened. As of now I have a half assed webpage because my coach was fired. JP Raygoza himself called my house night and day to see if I could give him some credit card numbers, (I had told him I didn’t have them with me and I was going to have to contact the bank to get new cards.) He had Harwood Hamilton, Rob Marino, and Robert Tarentino calling me daily also. This went on for about 2 weeks.

JP Raygoza personally promised me that I was going into a joint venture with him and that he did not want to lose money, so he would make sure I would not lose money. Like a fool I gave them 3 credit card numbers and on the first they went over the limit by $2400, on the other two they maxed the cards out completely,  all the while I repeatedly said no more than $10,000.

I recently contacted Mr. Raygoza to find out what happened to Pushtraffic, he was very rude and asked when I signed up and I told him and he said well your six months are up, it’s not my problem. I then told him that his contract stated that they would work with me for a year or until money invested was recouped. He did not like this and we argued and he hung up on me.

I refuse to let this go without a fight and have contacted the Computer Crimes Division and reported the scam Raygoza is selling. He has his own Boiler Room setup (his favorite movie by the way). I hope that those of you out there also scammed by this monster will do the same. My heart goes out to all his victims because I know personally how devastating it is to be so deep in debt.

Donna 2010/03/03 at 00:59

Yes, I was scammed – 3 times in a few weeks. They just kept saying that the services would be better each time and that PPC advertising would be included. I didn’t even get the website they promised. I was supposed to get newbie training but the first 2 questions I asked the coach he couldn’t answer. He told me to look on the internet for videos of instructions! Why would anyone pay $15,000 and then be told to get answers from somewhere else? I demanded my money back, but they refused.

I reported them to the Los Angeles Police Dept. The detective told me he had already received about 50 complaints about them and that there was a criminal investigation. So he gave me the email address for the Computer Crimes Division who are doing this investigation. Please pass it on to everyone who reports this. They have lots of companies doing this scam – all owned by John Paul Raygoza. They are Push Traffic, Inc Fortune, Dotintel and Success Rate. The email to report them to the police is 30146@lapd.lacity.org

Chris 2010/03/02 at 18:54

I truly hope your website helps the cause, Ann.

Task Force Address

This post is primarily to bring the email address of the contact for the computer crime task force that is building a case against John Raygoza  and his companies to the top of the blog’s site.

The more people sending their information to Detective Barragan, the sooner they can act to stop John Paul Raygoza, Ted Molina and David Sipes from ripping more of us off. The process of building a good case is slow, but collecting enough evidence is essential in getting a conviction.

So ….. please take the time,  and make the effort to contact Detective Barragan with your story at:

Det. John Barragan,  30146@lapd.lacity.org

Enjoy your weekends!

Details of Push Traffic/Raygoza’s “Offer” to me

As promised in yesterday’s post:

Scam aside – I had signed a nondisclosure/confidentiality agreement which turned out to be a document designed for acceptance by the credit card bank as my permission for immediate release of payments totalling $4500US/$5713CAN. The agreement stated I had a right to an 85% refund if  I canceled within 3 business days by registered mail – I did.

A legitimate company, offering legitimate services in a legitimate manner, would have honoured their own refund policy by crediting my credit card account $3825US/$4856CAN upon receipt of my cancellation letter. Instead Push Traffic (Ted Molina specifically, since that’s the only email address I had) blew me off, ignored my requests and demands for a refund for almost a full year.

This year they have been attempting to settle with those who continue to call them on their scams (could it have anything to do with the task force investigating them?).

The offer to me in emails from someone signing himself “Chris Bosley, Paralegal” (direct quote):

“$3,825 is the offer.  Even accepting that the exchange rate differences at the time of the transaction might now result in a different amount than it would have been a year ago, that is the amount we are prepared to offer today.”

The contingencies (direct quote):

“This refund is contingent, however, upon:  (1) removal of the onlinelowblowsandsuckerpunches.wordpress.com blog; (2) the retraction of any other negative statements made by you regarding PushTraffic and/or John Paul Raygoza online; and (3) agree to refrain from any such future statements or actions against the company and Mr. Raygoza.”

The approximate wording of the retraction statement (direct quote):

“Simply language to the effect of “My dispute with John Paul Raygoza and all his companies and officers has been completely resolved to our mutual satisfaction.”

Now the conditions MIGHT be acceptable if one were being offered a REAL “settlement” – something that took into account the extra charges incurred in the way of bank penalties and interest caused by their scam in the first place, as well as (at the least) a refund of the total amount taken.

Instead they argue and stall – a year late, and only after a ton of  communication and expense, Push Traffic’s paralegal, Chris Bosley, expects me to be grateful for their “offer” of  the refund they owed by law last year – but at today’s exchange rate! ($3825US = $3,812.08CAN) – AND – ONLY ON CONDITIONS THAT WERE NOT PART OF THE ORIGINAL AGREEMENT!

That means, not only would I agree to ignore the fact of the scam, but  agree  to a loss of :

$4856 – $3812 = $1044Can (amount originally owed at the exchange rate then MINUS amount of refund at present exchange rate)

ON TOP OF the $850 refund penalty.




In other words John Raygoza, Ted Molina, Chris Bosley and Push Traffic think in their own demented minds that they are above the law – the same law they hide behind and quote when attempting to justify the original thefts. Can’t have it both ways.

OK – rant over for the momentthese guys took me for a relatively small amount compared to some of the other victims – their stories are all over the web, and include people worldwide – but the impact of the scam is totally dependant on the amount of an individual’s resources to start with. Obviously since what he does is max out the marks’ accounts, Raygoza couldn’t care less about that – what matters to him is the “game” and funding his own interests and fun.

Have another look at the video where he brags about his “crib,” and his blog at http://johnraygoza.com/?p=140 where his absolute narcissism and self interest are so blatant – he brags about how he had such a great year spending the money he took from you and me.

There is actually only one person in this world who matters to John Paul Raygoza, and that is John Paul Raygoza.


Ann 2010/04/23 at 16:52 | In reply to anon

Hard to say exactly what happened to that site, but of course you’ll get no argument from me and countless others on your feelings about how these little cockroaches spend our money.

I’m sorry you also got taken but, YES, they are being investigated by a task force on computer crime in the LAPD. It takes a long time to gather enough evidence to make an airtight case against sleazy little crooks like Raygoza’s team.

However, There are many of us who have reported (and submitted documents where required) to various agencies; and encourage anyone who hasn’t to, please, lend your support that way. That’s the only way justice will win.

the task force contact: John Barragan, email: 30146@lapd.lacity.org

anon 2010/04/23 at 16:03

So is this what happened to http://pushtrafficscam.com/ ?

Good luck to you all, since it looks like raygoza and his men are enjoying your cash by buying season tickets to the Lakers and taking vacation trips……

I too was conned out of almost $8,000.

Everytime I look at these guy’s post about their luxury homes and vacations it makes my blood boil….is there any justice?

Is anyone going to really investigate and incarcerate them?

A Canadian Link for Reporting Fraud

On the weekend I happened on a Canadian TV (CTV network) journalism program called W5. This particular segment was put together to expose and publicize the operations of  a Canadian scammer who markets knockoff  products online using supposed celebrity endorsements in a “try for free – pay shipping only” scam.

Some of his companies also marketed counterfeit software. So far he’s been sued by Microsoft ($1,000,000 settlement) and Symantec ($225,000 settlement), and is being sued by a couple of the “big name” celebrities whose photos he used in online promotions. He set up countless companies to use in his operations. The link to the full story, and the online video of the segment, are at the bottom of this post.

The whole story reminded me that there are lots of these young “gunslingers” online – in every part of the world. Interesting to compare the profiles.

  • Canadian jerk (a high school dropout from Sherwood Park, Alberta – did Raygoza finish school?)

    Raygoza, Molina and Sipes

  • Canadian jerk published pictures of himself partying in hotspots with his friends and partners. Hmmmm – do you remember the photo of the Push Traffic gang enjoying a drink – at a game across the street from the “crib” he brags about in this You Tube video?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • Both in their 20s, with no clue yet about what life can bring.

Raygoza is apparently attempting to clean up some of the mess he’s made, by “settling” with those he’s scammed.  Could the fact that an LAPD computer crime task force is breathing down his neck have something to do with that?

ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE, can work with them by providing information on how scams by Raygoza, through Push Traffic Inc., IncFortune, SuccessRate, Dotintel, JumpLaunch (or any other of his companies I don’t know about) were perpetrated. “Victims” AND ex-employees welcome!

A reminder – you can email Detective Barragan at:


And for Canadians, another place to file a complaint is Phone Busters (the RCMP). This link is to the PDF of their brochure giving all of the information you could want or need:


The CTV website and story are at:


*Please note updated links to the left*