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New Name – Push Traffic’s Low Blows…!

It should be obvious by now that this blog is here mainly to spread the word about the scams perpetrated by John Raygoza through the “boiler room” tactics of his companies which purport to offer services to online businesses.

Boiler room (from Wikipedia) “In business, the term boiler room refers to a busy center of activity, often selling questionable goods by telephone. It typically refers to a room where salesmen work using unfair, dishonest sales tactics …..  “

Raygoza and Ted Molina had their first success online with a site about boxing – they know all about low blows and sucker punches! Not knowing that, those who’ve been sucker punched by Push Traffic Inc. and a number of his other companies like IncFortune,  SuccessRate and Dotintel wouldn’t be searching for those terms on Google.

So – a new name!

Raygoza’s response (if any) to those he’s taken, is to demand a phone conversation during which he will assure you that he’ll “personally” take care of you. Of course nothing ever happens, but he’s bought time and got you “off his back” for a bit.

His last communication with me was an email in which he said: (direct quote – spelling and grammar as received)

If you are interested in getting money back and settling this matter with our company, we will need to chat with you over the phone.

If you are not interested in talking with us over this matter, than we are wasting both of each other’s time.

I’m willing to work with you but if you can’t provide us with a number to contact you than we cannot work things out.


Would YOU believe a guy who says things like “trust me” and who scammed you in a telephone conversation to begin with? Believing that anything good could come of another phone call from him, or anyone at Push Traffic, would be hopeless.

He is playing on the fact that we are so hopeful of a good resolution that we’ll chance taking the call and believe his bull***t.

BUT without witnesses and a recording anything said in a phonecall means  little,  as he well knows since his scheme relies on that fact to begin with!



Sandy 2010/04/17  at 15:34

I really think that John Raygoza is a sick man! Does he really think what he is doing is acceptable? Does he not think that his victims are not going to fight back? He just doesn’t get it. Is he stupid or just plain sick in the head. He is unbelievable. He scammed me out of 15,000 and I want my money back…more so I want to see this man in jail. He makes me sick!