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The identity of the individual named in the previously missing sequential case number is, as I suspected, John Raygoza’s brother and former GM of Push Traffic Inc., Ted Molina. He was arrested today on the same charges as the other three.

In an earlier post here I speculated about what the hole in the sequence of case numbers already matched to John Raygoza, Manuel Molina and Michael Burleson meant:

This morning there are jail records for 3  individuals named in Case number BHSA077302. Next court date for all three is June 7, 2011. I’m guessing there’s at least a fourth since the case number sequence indicates number “2″ is missing from the list. I’ll forego giving my opinion about who that might be at this point.

John Paul Raygoza – Case No: BHSA077302-01, bail now $350,000

Michael Lee Burleson – Case No: BHSA077302-03; bail $455,000

Manuel Eduardo Molina – Case No: BHSA077302-04; bail $200.000

The sequence can now be completed with:

Ted Rene Molina – Case No. BHSA077302-02; bail $370,000

Molina has another case listed with an additional bail amount of $50,000. His next court date is listed as Aug. 15th. Unfortunately, I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to getting court information – only those who have a US billing address can purchase court documents online; so unless a reader with access to that information comments or emails, I can’t fill you in.

As usual the pdf of Ted Molina’s arrest details and case numbers etc. from the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. Twin Towers site is at PushTrafficSwindle.com

Edited to add:

One can no longer find any record on the Twin Tower site of John Paul Raygoza’s incarceration, case numbers, bail amounts etc. A search returns “No records match your search criteria”. Interesting when there are still pages for each of the others involved? Has a deal been made?


Sales Mango – Testimonials For Themselves! Wow!!

And self given awards!!

This is an update of the earlier post – someone has had the good sense? to remove the little seals representing the awards they lied about winning from the bottom of the pages on the Sales Mango website. The domain was registered to John Raygoza’s mother; so who runs it – Raygoza and his thug partners, Ted Molina and David Sipes?

The seals are still displayed on the “Customers” page. But, without them the only things on that page would be the quotes from the scammers themselves – praising themselves and their company. Reminds me of “If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge ….” LOL

For those who know John Raygoza, Ted Molina, David Sipes and the scams perpetrated by them through web businesses like Push Traffic, JumpLaunch, SuccessRate and IncFortune (to name but a few) the sales or home page of Sales Mango will elicit gales of laughter! (maybe make them fall off their chairs laughing??)

The target at Sales Mango is small business. I’ll give you the link in a moment, but first want to point out a couple of things to look for:

Click on the “Customer” tab and you’ll see glowing testimonials and recommendations (red highlight is mine):

SalesMango is easy, secure, robust, and my staff LOVES it!

I needed a CRM that was easy to use. Where anyone from a salesperson to a top-level manager can you, without having to hire someone to fly out to our office to teach us how to use the software. SalesMango is easy, secure, robust, and my staff LOVES it!

David Sipes, CEO, JumpLaunch.com – web hosting company owned by Sipes’ partner, John Raygoza (no longer online)

It was built with ease in mind!

My sales people love SalesMango. It was built with ease in mind! Plus the reporting is great for my management team!

Ted Molina, VP of Marketing SuccessRate – a consulting company owned by Ted’s brother John Raygoza (no longer online)

This is well designed and well built …

The greatest Sales CRM ever invtented!

Joel Merchant, IncFortune.com – Operations Manager of company owned by John Raygoza (no longer online)

Dear Reader, are you still in your chair? 🙂 The testimonials are from none other than David Sipes, Ted Molina and Joel Merchant – all associates and/or partners in not only Raygoza’s scams, but Sales Mango’s ownership. Same stuff repeated on “learn more” page.

Now to the “Awards” (still claimed beside those wonderful words of praise above) …. I decided to look up the award winners – guess these little “seals” must be for decoration or something.
Claimed Awards
At the CRM Excellence awards site – no Sales Mango mention, no award

At CODiE 2009 site – no mention of Sales Mango at all – no award

Gold Proactive Protection Award site – “Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009’s proactive protection wins gold award …” guess they’re just saying they use award-winning Kaspersky?  Sales Mangono award

Business Software Satisfaction Awards 2009 site – again no mention – no award for Sales Mango

2009 CRM Market Leader – and again no mention of Sales Mango or its principles – again no award

I assumed the award claims were the usual Raygoza fraudulent claims, and in this case my assumptions proved valid – their claims didn’t.

The other little seals on the page are guarantees – is it possible they’re as legitimate, and mean as much, as the award ones?

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  • Chris On April 11, 2011 at 02:00 (this comment copied from another post)

    Just took a look at SalesMango site. Its construction is strikingly similar to the ignominious, disused and mis-used Pushtraffic site.
    I clicked on “help center” tab and got a technical problem. It is obviously not set up properly. Typical.
    Reminds me of that defunct Pushtraffic support ticket system, where I left 2 critical questions never to be answered. More defunct customer service from a professionally defunct Customer Service Manager.

  • Ann On March 28, 2011 at 17:34


    A reader actually emailed the sites who supposedly gave these awards to Sales Mango.

    The responses? “Never heard of Sales Mango” and “thanks for bringing it to our attention”.

    Gosh, who’d a thunk it, eh? LOL These guys are total idiots if they think no one’s checking on their foolishness.

    Hard to believe they would build a site so easily proven to be total garbage, and expect the online community to swallow the swill.

  • Sandy On March 10, 2011 at 15:43

These crazy bastards are over the top, they are one retarded bunch of idiots! One thing is for sure, it is beyond belief that these guys are still trying to do business using their actual names. Do they not realize that their names are plastered all over a lawsuit. Is this site (salesmango) just a decoy for some other scam…because I can’t believe, even these idiots, would but their names in the forefront like that when they are in the middle of being sued. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Ann On March 10, 2011 at 13:43

    Not yet, but that would likely at least get their memberships, if they even have memberships, pulled. I hate wasting more time on these losers, but will consider the suggestion.

  • anonymous On March 10, 2011 at 13:13

    Nice writeup. Have you tried contacting the actual sites that Raygoza claims gave his company an award? I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy to see how he is tarnishing their name brand.

A New Name to Bring This Record Into the Present Reality

The company named Push Traffic Inc. and pushtraffic.com  is infamous for being the billing entity used by John Raygoza and Ted Molina in their call center/boiler room operations for a number of years.

However, today most of the known-to-me Raygoza sites are no longer online. Sales Mango is a notable exception, but even there the upfront names on the site (masquerading as satisfied customers) are business partner David Sipes, Raygoza’s brother Ted Molina and employee? partner? toady? Joel Merchant which are obviously not well enough publicized for being involved with the Raygoza scams.

Regardless, the real purpose of this blog was to help prevent Raygoza’s scammers from continuing to sucker punch and throw low blows at inexperienced and vulnerable online entrepreneurs. Since Push Traffic is no longer a visible presence online, the name wouldn’t be searched by “newbies” attempting to check out the integrity of offers coming their way. Happily Raygoza’s name is already recognized for his criminal tactics. Sipes’  and Molina’s not so much.

Anyway – it’s time for at least a name change for the onlinelowblowsandsuckerpunches address. For the present I’ll just replace “Push Traffic” with “Raygoza.” Perhaps a reader can suggest something more recognizable to present day searchers.

As I pointed out in an earlier post, David Sipes is likely now leading the operation of collection of contacts. What Raygoza is now operating as remains to be seen, but the sayings about leopard’s spots and “old dogs” make me think we WILL hear of  new Raygoza schemes to max out clients’ credit cards. He still figures he’s above the law, and that anyone who falls for his sales pitch deserves to lose everything.  So far, the authorities have done little to prove him wrong

Just sayin’

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Chris On March 20, 2011 at 01:40

The phony testimonials in the article above reminded me of the cynically unethical approach Pushtraffic’s Patrick Tuminaro took to setting up a blog. To begin with, Tuminaro suggested I promote Raygoza’s own product, The Truth. However, by this time, I was already more than skeptical about the whole shebang, so I recoiled from touching any product with Raygoza’s name on it.

Regarding the other products, Tuminaro put forward a set of criteria: ease of use: performance, value for money, etc. To assign an evaluation out of 10 for each thing I was to promote, I asked what values go on each criterion? He replied ‘anything you like.’

So I would only be endorsing products that I had never even used before with merits of 9 or 10 out of 10 ! That’s sales ethics for you!
Tuminaro walked away from the whole thing shortly thereafter,  just about when he heard I had demanded a refund.

What I wanted to ask Tuminaro was this: if these hot products – internet business – actually worked, why does he not use them himself, with his alleged skills? And why did I need to pay thousands of dollars for a service which seemed no better than I could get from buying a $200 IM package? Tuminaro liked to think of himself as a guru, so why did he need to work 40 hours a week with Raygoza? I never got to ask, but the clear answer, of course, is the skills of Pushtraffic’s members lay in confidence trickery, rather than internet marketing.