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An Open Letter to John Paul Raygoza


Your actions are directly responsible for untold suffering.

You set out to defraud as many people as you could of as much of their money as you could.

Money in itself is just currency, of course; but what it will buy is the point.

You stole untold freedoms from all of us.

Perhaps least important, but most understandable to someone like you, is the power to bring  joy Christmas morning to loved ones with gift giving. What was under Vanessa and Joanna’s tree? More than under most of your “victim”s trees I bet. I hope you signed all our names to their gift cards.

Of  most importance: some you have stolen from have lost homes and even spouses because they trusted your (yes, your)  promises. Imagine life without home and loved ones, John.

Your thefts have meant others lost the freedom to buy not only pleasures like vacations and toys, but the necessities like health care and home upkeep.

No one believes it can happen to them – until it does!

One day your daughter will be old enough to make her own decisions and mistakes. Hopefully she won’t trust someone like her own father.  Also hopefully she’ll be ashamed of you and what you do.


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  • Sandy On December 28, 2010 at 15:55  

  • Hi Ann, It saddens me to think that your post is absolutely true. The idea of John Raygoza enjoying Christmas with his family makes me want to throw up. He knows exactly what he has done to his victims. Raygoza is a sick, sick man and he needs to be stopped. I can hardly wait until we (Jon Levy and JR’s victims) stick it to him in the new year.

    John, helping to wipe that smile off that fat, ugly face of yours is going to be worth the 15,000.00 that you stole from me. Sandy Little


Submitted on 2010/12/27 at 19:30 | In reply to ChrisY.

Chris, sorry to say, but I believe your initial prediction is wrong!

Raygoza’s brother, Ted Molina; wife Vanessa Horlle Raygoza; and mother Maria Raygoza were all named in the original suit as having aided and abetted Raygoza’s schemes. They already enjoy the fruits of his fraud!



Submitted on 2010/12/26 at 13:50

I predict Raygoza’s relatives will disown him, once the criminal cases begin. Money won’t be enough to keep those barnacles sticking to the hull.

Anyone who trusts Raygoza is a loser. Raygoza has said so himself. LOSER is his favorite sneer to hordes of complaining, scammed customers.

So any friends who ever trusted Raygoza must be losers, too.

By exploiting the gullibility of business people – including the credit card banks – johnny rotten has come into a pile of money. But in the process he has made enemies all over the world. So JP Raygoza’s internet businesses are also losers. Pushtraffic, one of his notorious instruments of crime, is already a corpse. Crime doesn’t pay. Given the increasingly stark results of his obviously psychopathic conduct, JP Raygoza is such a fool. He’s no ‘guru’. The Raygoza keyword only rates in Google as an infamous association.

The name Raygoza is now poison to internet commerce.


Rotten to the core, JP Raygoza has nothing but money to grease the palms of his henchmen. That includes his legal squad, surely the busiest members of the gangster’s ugly retinue.

Right, only a loser would want anything to do with the polluter of Malibu Beach.

To the regret of thousands, Raygoza survived 2010, though the noose is tightening about the chicken’s neck.

So if you read this, Raygoza, be aware that your customers – that is, your enemies – all wish you the New Year you truly deserve. What’s more, we are all working very hard to make it happen to you.