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Details of Push Traffic/Raygoza’s “Offer” to me

As promised in yesterday’s post:

Scam aside – I had signed a nondisclosure/confidentiality agreement which turned out to be a document designed for acceptance by the credit card bank as my permission for immediate release of payments totalling $4500US/$5713CAN. The agreement stated I had a right to an 85% refund if  I canceled within 3 business days by registered mail – I did.

A legitimate company, offering legitimate services in a legitimate manner, would have honoured their own refund policy by crediting my credit card account $3825US/$4856CAN upon receipt of my cancellation letter. Instead Push Traffic (Ted Molina specifically, since that’s the only email address I had) blew me off, ignored my requests and demands for a refund for almost a full year.

This year they have been attempting to settle with those who continue to call them on their scams (could it have anything to do with the task force investigating them?).

The offer to me in emails from someone signing himself “Chris Bosley, Paralegal” (direct quote):

“$3,825 is the offer.  Even accepting that the exchange rate differences at the time of the transaction might now result in a different amount than it would have been a year ago, that is the amount we are prepared to offer today.”

The contingencies (direct quote):

“This refund is contingent, however, upon:  (1) removal of the onlinelowblowsandsuckerpunches.wordpress.com blog; (2) the retraction of any other negative statements made by you regarding PushTraffic and/or John Paul Raygoza online; and (3) agree to refrain from any such future statements or actions against the company and Mr. Raygoza.”

The approximate wording of the retraction statement (direct quote):

“Simply language to the effect of “My dispute with John Paul Raygoza and all his companies and officers has been completely resolved to our mutual satisfaction.”

Now the conditions MIGHT be acceptable if one were being offered a REAL “settlement” – something that took into account the extra charges incurred in the way of bank penalties and interest caused by their scam in the first place, as well as (at the least) a refund of the total amount taken.

Instead they argue and stall – a year late, and only after a ton of  communication and expense, Push Traffic’s paralegal, Chris Bosley, expects me to be grateful for their “offer” of  the refund they owed by law last year – but at today’s exchange rate! ($3825US = $3,812.08CAN) – AND – ONLY ON CONDITIONS THAT WERE NOT PART OF THE ORIGINAL AGREEMENT!

That means, not only would I agree to ignore the fact of the scam, but  agree  to a loss of :

$4856 – $3812 = $1044Can (amount originally owed at the exchange rate then MINUS amount of refund at present exchange rate)

ON TOP OF the $850 refund penalty.




In other words John Raygoza, Ted Molina, Chris Bosley and Push Traffic think in their own demented minds that they are above the law – the same law they hide behind and quote when attempting to justify the original thefts. Can’t have it both ways.

OK – rant over for the momentthese guys took me for a relatively small amount compared to some of the other victims – their stories are all over the web, and include people worldwide – but the impact of the scam is totally dependant on the amount of an individual’s resources to start with. Obviously since what he does is max out the marks’ accounts, Raygoza couldn’t care less about that – what matters to him is the “game” and funding his own interests and fun.

Have another look at the video where he brags about his “crib,” and his blog at http://johnraygoza.com/?p=140 where his absolute narcissism and self interest are so blatant – he brags about how he had such a great year spending the money he took from you and me.

There is actually only one person in this world who matters to John Paul Raygoza, and that is John Paul Raygoza.


Ann 2010/04/23 at 16:52 | In reply to anon

Hard to say exactly what happened to that site, but of course you’ll get no argument from me and countless others on your feelings about how these little cockroaches spend our money.

I’m sorry you also got taken but, YES, they are being investigated by a task force on computer crime in the LAPD. It takes a long time to gather enough evidence to make an airtight case against sleazy little crooks like Raygoza’s team.

However, There are many of us who have reported (and submitted documents where required) to various agencies; and encourage anyone who hasn’t to, please, lend your support that way. That’s the only way justice will win.

the task force contact: John Barragan, email: 30146@lapd.lacity.org

anon 2010/04/23 at 16:03

So is this what happened to http://pushtrafficscam.com/ ?

Good luck to you all, since it looks like raygoza and his men are enjoying your cash by buying season tickets to the Lakers and taking vacation trips……

I too was conned out of almost $8,000.

Everytime I look at these guy’s post about their luxury homes and vacations it makes my blood boil….is there any justice?

Is anyone going to really investigate and incarcerate them?