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A Canadian Link for Reporting Fraud

On the weekend I happened on a Canadian TV (CTV network) journalism program called W5. This particular segment was put together to expose and publicize the operations of  a Canadian scammer who markets knockoff  products online using supposed celebrity endorsements in a “try for free – pay shipping only” scam.

Some of his companies also marketed counterfeit software. So far he’s been sued by Microsoft ($1,000,000 settlement) and Symantec ($225,000 settlement), and is being sued by a couple of the “big name” celebrities whose photos he used in online promotions. He set up countless companies to use in his operations. The link to the full story, and the online video of the segment, are at the bottom of this post.

The whole story reminded me that there are lots of these young “gunslingers” online – in every part of the world. Interesting to compare the profiles.

  • Canadian jerk (a high school dropout from Sherwood Park, Alberta – did Raygoza finish school?)

    Raygoza, Molina and Sipes

  • Canadian jerk published pictures of himself partying in hotspots with his friends and partners. Hmmmm – do you remember the photo of the Push Traffic gang enjoying a drink – at a game across the street from the “crib” he brags about in this You Tube video?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • Both in their 20s, with no clue yet about what life can bring.

Raygoza is apparently attempting to clean up some of the mess he’s made, by “settling” with those he’s scammed.  Could the fact that an LAPD computer crime task force is breathing down his neck have something to do with that?

ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE, can work with them by providing information on how scams by Raygoza, through Push Traffic Inc., IncFortune, SuccessRate, Dotintel, JumpLaunch (or any other of his companies I don’t know about) were perpetrated. “Victims” AND ex-employees welcome!

A reminder – you can email Detective Barragan at:


And for Canadians, another place to file a complaint is Phone Busters (the RCMP). This link is to the PDF of their brochure giving all of the information you could want or need:


The CTV website and story are at:


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