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An email sent from VINE services announced that Michael Lee Burleson, jailed in April on criminal charges with John Paul Raygoza and Manuel Eduardo Molina, was released today on bail.

Raygoza was released on bail May 10th and Molina on June 21st.  According to the LASD Inmate Information Center records all three men are scheduled to appear in court again on criminal charges July 15, 2011.

On June 6th John Paul Raygoza was given 6 weeks to get his lawyer problems sorted out in the proposed class action suit filed by lawyers representing 50+ named plaintiffs in a claim  naming him and Push Traffic Inc as defendants.

PDFs of inmate records are at PushTrafficSwindle



An email sent from VINE services announced that Manuel Eduardo Molina, jailed last month with John Paul Raygoza and Michael Lee Burleson on criminal charges, was released around noon today on bail.

Raygoza was released on bail May 10th.  According to the LASD Inmate Information Center records all three men are scheduled to appear in court again July 15, 2011.

PDFs of their inmate records are at PushTrafficSwindle



My information is that Raygoza appeared in civil court yesterday without a lawyer and was granted 6 more weeks to “get his act together”.  A bit like “if you don’t get this right, we’ll tell you to get it right again” in my opinion. I’m disappointed the creep  keeps slipping away with no consequences.

Maybe the authorities are giving him time to deal with the criminal charges for their own reasons – one can only guess why.

Edited to add:

The only information I have at the moment about the criminal court proceedings yesterday is just what anyone can find at the LASD Inmate Information Center – Booking Details site. Nothing has changed on Raygoza’s record (presumably because he is not presently incarcerated there), but new “next court date” entries of  July 15, 2011 show on Burleson and Molina’s records.

I will assume that date is valid for Raygoza’s next appearance on those charges as well.

PDFs of the current entries are at Push Traffic Swindle.


  • Maryann Borzillary On June 7, 2011 at 20:03

    Thank You for your post. He needs to give back all the money that he stole, hurting so many honest, innocent people. He is nothing but a sleazy con-artist, desperado jailbird.

  • Chris On June 17, 2011 at 15:48

    Raygoza is out on bail, and we can only hope they took away his passport. JPR ‘s bail, a third of a million, is only a fraction of the stash he and his close associates held before. The worry is that JPR could easily go underground – or abroad – if he is not under watch. My bet is he would head south, not north.


Court documents posted at PushTrafficSwindle give news of the latest developments in the class action suit filed against John Paul Raygoza and his online business ventures.

My understanding of events up to now:

  • Attorneys for the plaintiffs in the Douglas Mattern, et al v. Push Traffic, et al filed motions to amend the complaint (Docs 79 and 80) on January 30, 2011.
  • Raygoza’s lawyers, Neufeld, Marks, Gralnek and Maker (NMGM), filed for an extension of time to consider the amended suit.
  • David Sipes lawyers filed a motion to withdraw as his counsel (Doc 86-2) on February 28, 2011.
  • The judge gave the defendants  an extension of 21 days to file a “pleading responsive to the Second Amended Complaint” (Doc 94) on March 17, 2011.
  • In the meantime, criminal charges were filed against Raygoza on April 14, 2011. On April 27, 2011 Raygoza, Burleson and Molina were arrested and jailed on charges of kidnapping, torture, and a weapons related offence (PDFs of jail records and Raygoza “rap sheet” on PushTrafficSwindle site)
  • Raygoza has since been released on reduced bail; the other two remain in different LA jails. Court date for that case June 7, 2011.
  • Timothy L. Neufeld filed a motion (Docs 108 and 109) on May 2, 2011 to withdraw as counsel for Raygoza – that matter to be dealt with June 6, 2011.

The newest court documents to which I have access are Docs 113, 114 and 115 – PDFs at PushTrafficSwindle.com. My interpretation of the documents, (acknowledging my own inexperience with legalese) follows.

Doc 113, filed by Jonathan Levy (attorney for the plaintiffs in the Raygoza class action suit) on behalf of the plaintiffs, opposes the defendants’ application for even more time to “consider” and respond to the Second Amended Complaint.

The reasons being that while the plaintiffs’ attorneys have been dealing in good faith, the defendants and their attorneys have been less than forthcoming in their communication – attorneys even concealing, at one point, the lack of communication and cooperation with their own client.

Since Raygoza must appear in court June 7 to answer the criminal charges against him, the court date of June 6 in the matter of his attorney’s motion to withdraw their services in the class action matter means time is “of the essence”. Any more stalling tactics in the civil matter jeopardizes the plaintiffs’ right to a reasonable and timely conclusion to their action.

Doc 114, appears to me to be the judge’s notice to the defendants’ counsel (NMGM) that they must notify Raygoza et al that corporations and associations may not legally appear in court without a lawyer. If they choose to do so they risk sanctions including a possible default judgement against them in the class action.

The judge stipulated that NMGM must serve Raygoza with a copy of her “order” and “written notification that defendant John Raygoza must appear at the hearing on the Motion on June 6, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. if no substitution of attorney has been filed by that date….. Failure to comply with this Order shall result in the imposition of sanctions, including but not limited to the entry of default against Defendants.”

(Raygoza may appear by telephone if NMGM makes the required arrangements)

Doc 115 is the proof that NMGM served the required documents to Raygoza personally at his Beverly Hills (penthouse) address.



John Paul Raygoza had a court date yesterday. The only thing I’ve been able to find out so far is that he has a new court date and his bail amount has been reduced. Since bail amounts are tied to charges, I’m assuming a charge or charges have been dropped?

This morning there are jail records for 3  individuals named in Case number BHSA077302. Next court date for all three is June 7, 2011. I’m guessing there’s at least a fourth since the case number sequence indicates number “2” is missing from the list. I’ll forego giving my opinion about who that might be at this point.

John Paul Raygoza – Case No: BHSA077302-01, bail now $350,000

Michael Lee Burleson – Case No: BHSA077302-03; bail $455,000

Manuel Eduardo Molina – Case No: BHSA077302-04; bail $200.000

The screencaps of the jail information are at PushTrafficSwindle.com

There is a great service for victims of crime who want to be notified of the impending release of a prisoner. Link to that site is:


You input the inmate’s ID (found at the top of the jail record as “Booking number”), the inmate’s names and your preferred method of notification.

I was notified by email this morning that Raygoza was scheduled for release today. It appears that may have happened.

One can confirm information through telephone numbers on that site, and of course it will show up in jail records once enough time has passed for data updates.

19:07 Edited to add:

Raygoza has been released from LASD Twin Towers as of late today.

Raygoza’s Roaches On the Move Again (Still)!

Using Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Disaster in Classic Scam

A plaintiff in the class action against John Paul Raygoza, David Sipes and Ted Molina – meaning an individual already scammed by these thugs – reports a new attempt!

Long story, short -the call received from a woman representing Inc Fortune – classic “you are owed money… send us the tax, and we’ll send your money” scam – was a followup to their illegal use of a domain belonging to the plaintiff.

Their stupidity is absolutely mind boggling.

A direct quote from the person they made the mistake of calling:

“I received the most interesting phone call on Saturday. Caller ID
showed “Private Caller”. I have a client who uses that so I answered.

The lady identified herself as Rachel and said she was calling from
Inc Fortune. I didn’t say anything. She asked, “You know who that is
right?” I said yes.

She proceeded to tell me that she had a check for me in the amount
of $4,xxx.xx ( I wasn’t really paying attention to the number), that the
money was from sales I had made in Japan and that the office over
there had to close due to the earthquake so they were dispersing the
funds. There was only one problem, taxes had to be paid on the money.
The taxes due are $136.00 and I needed to send that money to her
before they could send me my check. Then she said, “So can you send
us a check right away?”

I said, “No.” She seemed truly shocked and said, “No?” I told her that
I’d like some more information. I asked her, “How did I make money in
Japan?” She replied, “From your website. You do have a website don’t
you?” I said, “Yes but I have 2 or 3. I’d like to know which one made
sales.” She said she didn’t have that information but could transfer me to the people who did. I told her no, that I’d like to know how to contact her and started asking for her phone number when she hung up.

Now I know the one website I had was canceled because I didn’t renew
the domain name. And they had told me they weren’t going to use the
second one because it was a WFH (work from home) and Google was
getting too expensive to compete there. (Yeah, right!) They were
supposed to give me one (a site) for weight loss but I can’t imagine many
Japanese people needing weight loss info.

So I got on the internet and typed in my domain name that they all
really liked: http://www.XXXXXXXXXXXX.com.

Lo and behold here’s what I saw:


Screenshot of Ripped-off Domain

At the bottom it says:
Copyright & copy; 2010 www.affiliatesuccessreview.com

All Rights Reserved.  

So then I went to my hosting company and saw that the name servers
had been changed and were not mine.

Then I went to GoDaddy where the domain is registered and it is still
there under my name. And then I went to the verification site and yes,
it’s still my name there too.”

Research by another plaintiff  in WhoIs records shows that they “appear to have been changed 3 times since she purchased the domain name, despite the fact that she has never activated a website on it. Sounds… like they have done this without her permission for their own gain.”

All of this information is being sent to the California Attorney General, and provides yet more damning proof of Raygoza’s thievery and fraud for the class action suit in progress.

Has desperation set in in LALALand? That Raygoza’s compadres would use what is a well advertised scam method to try to make money in a carelessly executed (phoning a previously scammed contact!!) ripoff is totally amazing.

Hmmmm – unless you remember that these guys figured out a “foolproof” scam, but had no common sense when it came to building and preserving credibility.

They are indeed like roaches – soulless creatures who scuttle in the filth of the criminal world.  No real intelligence – just the basest survival instincts. Make my skin crawl.


  • Give no one online your telephone number unless you want calls from unknown persons
  • Never trust that anyone who phones from an online contact is who they say they are without checking
  • Trust no one who won’t give you their own contact info and provably good references
  • Give no one online banking or credit card info outside of a secured payment site
  • Never believe you must pay to receive a payment

David Sipes (Lane Gibbons) Trolling for New Marks?

David Sipes is one of 3 men named in a class action suit brought by 50 some named individuals (including me) and countless un-named for defrauding us all of hundreds of thousands of dollars (at a minimum). Details at  Push Traffic Swindle.

The MO of these thieves was to obtain (by various means) the names and numbers of individuals who had bought relatively inexpensive marketing materials online. Raygoza, Molina and their sales agents would then phone, make verbal promises of marketing assistance (since verbal only – no proof).

Having gained the trust of the aspiring  marketer, the caller proceeded to max out the marks’ credit or debit accounts – persuading the mark to sign a document falsely represented as a “non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement.”  That document was crafted purely for use as the “proof” they would offer the bank and credit card companies that their “marks” had agreed to having their accounts maxed out and overdrawn.

I received an email this week which I looked at carefully after becoming suspicious of the offer:

  • Name on the spammy email ( subject line “You got an affiliate sale…” ) is “Lane Gibbons.”  (could it be the “Laney” on the Beware Of  list?)
  • Actual address given for Gibbons at the bottom of the email is:  18811 Salt Lake Place, Northridge, CA 91326, USA (see  the registration address for David Sipes’ Finity Consulting at the end of this post)
  • The links in Gibbons’ email take you to a sales page at http://zerofrictionmarketing.com/?hop=finityweb (interesting  the Clickbank affiliate ID is uncloaked – one of the first things any affiliate is taught is “cloak” links) a program supposedly authored by someone named Saj Purkayastha.
  • Affiliate payment, if you check, goes to affiliate “finityweb”. The fact that it is a Clickbank product and Clickbank definitely gives refunds lends some legitimacy to the transaction.
  • HOWEVER! The aweber “unsubscribe” option in the email gives this info:

Subscriber Information

Signup Date: 11-12-2010 11:46 AM EST
Signup Website:http://www.finityconsulting.com/marketing.php

Email: a*******g@gmail.com
Name: Ann
List Name: finityconsult

You may draw your own conclusions.

My conclusions:

  • Raygoza, Sipes, Molina et al are still very much online – just in different forms
  • Although the “program” above is a legitimate Clickbank product, when you purchase (or even receive a refund if you ask) Sipes, Raygoza and Molina will gain new contacts (with or without Saj’s cooperation) and be in position to carry on with their fraudulent phishing operations
  • Should you decide not to purchase, you would likely give a name and email to get the free stuff offered in a “drop down” – another link to you
  • The affiliate link is not cloaked because Sipes is not so much interested in the Clickbank commission as he is in the information about the purchaser. Should one expect a future phonecall from someone calling himself “Lane” who expresses interest in the purchaser’s progress and offering help!!??
  • “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”
  • In my opinion, these guys have 2 companies online which could take up where Push Traffic left off – as billing entities of the scams Push Traffic perpetrated before disappearing – Sales Mango and Finity Consulting.  Sipes’ Finity Consulting is already named in the class action suit. Details here

As I said – draw your own conclusions

*****Information re ownership, registration etc. for Finity Consulting:



Name Type:


standard business address:

18811 SALT LAKE PL PORTER RANCH, CA 91326-2432

original business address:


mailing address:


Business Type:


Filing Date:


Filing Type:




Place Incorporated:




Amendments Filed:


Additional Information:




Registered Agent





registered agent address