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Crux of the Raygoza Scam

An earlier post edited for clarity:

History first:

I replied to an email from a marketer whose name was the same as an individual involved in one of the reported Raygoza scams. I  said  that an email from anyone linked in any way with Raygoza wouldn’t be well received by those of us who had been ripped off.

He actually responded, and I thought his response was good – as far as it went.

He said that because there are always unhappy customers (justly and unjustly so),  it is wise to keep your reputation intact by pleasing the customer – granting and paying refunds. However, he missed the real point in the problem with John Paul Raygoza’s operations – namely the fraud involved in the charges to credit card accounts in the first place. If those charges were legitimate, refunds wouldn’t be a problem in most cases.


His salespeople make an UNSOLICITED telephone call,  IMPERSONATING someone you think you have reason to trust, so that they can obtain a credit card number (classic phishing scheme).

(Because Raygoza is very familiar with past schemes whose perpetrators were charged and convicted (eg Google Money Tree) he has tried to cover all the bases by inventing “proof” that he believes will stand up in court – that his victims gave him permission to steal their money by producing a misrepresented signed document. The initial conversation, with false promises isn’t recorded, so it becomes the victims’ word against the invented “proof.” )

The caller uses that trust to get you to quickly sign a supposed “confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement” which actually turns out to be a  document they claim proves you OKd the charges. Those charges are put on your account before you even sign anything, which is how they determine how much they can get from your account.

They charge (put through multi transactions in small enough amounts that bank protection measures are overridden) every cent allowed to your credit card. If you have $4000 credit left on a card they will put charges through totalling the $4000 plus as much more as the bank will allow. If you have $10,000 in available credit they will use it – and as much more as the bank allows.

If you realize right away that the services promised are not what they are actually offering, and that you were scammed, you read the agreement more carefully. You realize what you signed, and think that your misplaced trust means you had best comply with their terms if you hope to recoup any of your loss.


Though you comply totally with the agreement’s terms, Raygoza and his brother, (Push Traffic GM) Ted Molina, totally ignore you. Your compliance means nothing.


Though  their inaction nullifies the agreement, they still submit your signature to the bank to dispute the chargeback request when you attempt to get your money back through the credit card dispute process.

The bank “buys” Raygoza’s  “proof” and he laughs because he knows that “possession is nine tenths……” etc. and up ’til now he’s gotten away with it.

He has even posted public comments calling his victims stupid for signing his agreements and telling them to “get over it”!

John Paul Raygoza is the most arrogant, egocentric and narcissistic LITTLE man I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.


What you should get in return is in no way relevant.

A thief does not voluntarily give back what he’s stolen.


  • ChrisY On September 1, 2010 at 20:19

    Good summary, Ann.
    From time to time, I notice anonymous postings that try to exonerate The Raygoza Gang for their atrocities.
    But the key issue- as you mention- is not poor customer service. (actually to call Puhstraffic’s CS ‘poor’ is to praise it) it is their contemptible and dishonest attitude to refunds. That is what Raygoza’s entire business empire is built on – a refusal to recognize refund claims. They did not even reply to my letters, and when I put my demand directly (by phone) to the infamous Harwood Hamilton, that scammer replied: “Sir, I can do nothing for you”, before he terminated the call.
    Worse still, when I was put onto someone named Joel, that stooge interjected and told me if I did not stop my complaining he would hang up. He abruptly transferred me back to an engaged phone line on Hamilton’s desk.
    Does everybody understand why I am enraged?

  • Sandy On September 1, 2010 at 17:12

    Ann, a wonderful post. I couldn’t have said it better myself. John Raygoza is a sniveling little weasel, and I know one day he will get what is coming to him. My hope is that it is jail time and that it comes soon. The man makes me sick! Keep up the great blogging. Sandy


A Very Personal Dispute with John Raygoza

This is basically a repost of an earlier entry, because I think these things need re-emphasizing as we who RCE  (the terminology in court documents to indicate the defendants, Raygoza Criminal Enterprises) defrauded are fighting in the courts to not only regain what he took from us, but to stop him defrauding those who are still too new to internet marketing to know about the predators trolling the waters.

Some have said this blog is “too personal.”  Perhaps.  But the results of Raygoza’s  scams have HUGE personal impact for many! John Raygoza and Ted Molina sucker punched me, personally, then continued with low blows by giving me the figurative finger and blowing me and my rights off.

One day while I was up on the roof investigating a problem I really can’t afford to get someone else to take care of – because John Raygoza and Ted Molina scammed me out of  most of the credit I would normally have available for emergencies – I had time to think about other things I should have said earlier.


I believe in truth, honesty and fairness; words I don’t think Raygoza and Molina even know the meaning of. I’m sick to death of the games, lies and power trips of Raygoza and his minions.

  • What I WANTED in April of 2009 was to get an (honest) online business going so I’d be able to enjoy more financial freedom.
  • I believed in the innate goodness of mankind, and trusted that the person calling me meant exactly what he said, and I would learn what I needed, in return for payment when my business was in profit – I WAS WRONG
  • When I realized I’d been the object of a “phishing” scam, I tried to get a total return of the money taken, but because I’d signed the infamous agreement, accepted the fact I’d likely be paying a 15% penalty – I WAS WRONG
  • I trusted that Push Traffic would live up to their own “agreement” and refund the 85% they owed – I WAS WRONG
  • I now knew better than to trust totally, but Raygoza and Push Traffic proved I WAS REALLY WRONG – they had no intention of refunding anything!
  • Then  the LAPD, an LA radio station, and numerous individuals began to show informed interest in Raygoza’s business dealings
  • Raygoza began making “settlement offers” to the individuals who were complaining the loudest
  • But, again – “games”  – making offers to shut people up, but ignoring or denying that Raygoza et al had broken the law by scamming in the first place  – which they admit by default anyway by having to make people sign an agreement not to talk about their experiences with Raygoza.
  • They have been trading on the fact that some people would rather have back even part of what they lost, rather than the nothing Push Traffic promised if they wouldn’t sign a NEW agreement
  • HASN’T ANYONE QUESTIONED THE VALIDITY OF ANOTHER RAYGOZA AGREEMENT? HE DIDN’T HONOR THE FIRST ONE –  if it was fair,  he just rewrote it so the next sucker had NO Grounds for canceling. BTW, they conveniently “lost” my paperwork – happily I have it.
  • What I GOT for my (unrequested) dealings with Raygoza and Molina in my quest to build an honest business, was scammed, lies and increased debt.

What I want now is for the sociopathic, egocentric John Paul Raygoza and his brother Ted Molina to become decent and worthwhile human beings who accept their responsibility for leading good people into misery in order to line their own pockets, and make it all right.

Think that’ll happen?  How can subhuman creatures acquire the qualities of morality and conscience – the things that make JR’s “marks” human?  The only human characteristic these guys have is opposable thumbs! So this (formerly) trusting individual has finally accepted that though there is a species that one thinks, at first look, is human, they are the classic predatory animals.

Comments: (copied for ease of access)

  • Sandy On December 18, 2010 at 12:35

    Ann, If this isn’t a personal issue, what the hell is. As it turns out, your “personal issue” with John Raygoza and his criminal buddies has, no doubt, helped many people to date…just by reading the content on your blog. Personal or not, people should be grateful that you have the dedication and strength to stand up to these internet scamming pigs. My hat goes off to YOU!! Sandy Little

  • Chris Y On December 18, 2010 at 00:43  

    Ann, there’s nothing wrong with a personal blog, because your information is authentic. There should be hundreds more blogs out there condemning John Polluter Raygoza. Raygoza, the sneering, cheating, money-crazed jerk, is no guru and has no business skills, but employs lawyers to fight his irate customers. (100% of his customers by the way).
    If Raygoza’s business operated in my state and country, I would already have prosecuted the bum successfully, but JPR is hunkered down in Malibu Beach living on our money (his ill-gotten gains) in California. Anything to bring Raygoza to justice gets my support.

Sandy 2010/04/26 at 15:03

Ann, your post is amazing. Right on!!!!! John Raygoza, David Sipes and the rest of their goons don’t have a clue what real life is about. The only important thing to them is how much money they can steal off of people. I’ve read the odd one of John R’s posts and, to tell you the truth, they make me sick. He talks about how his life is soo good…it is only good because, like you say, he has ripped people off. I think keeping your posts personal is a great idea. To most people viewing and commenting on your site…it hits a personal note for them as well. Your visitors will know that they are not alone. Great Job!

New Name – Push Traffic’s Low Blows…!

It should be obvious by now that this blog is here mainly to spread the word about the scams perpetrated by John Raygoza through the “boiler room” tactics of his companies which purport to offer services to online businesses.

Boiler room (from Wikipedia) “In business, the term boiler room refers to a busy center of activity, often selling questionable goods by telephone. It typically refers to a room where salesmen work using unfair, dishonest sales tactics …..  “

Raygoza and Ted Molina had their first success online with a site about boxing – they know all about low blows and sucker punches! Not knowing that, those who’ve been sucker punched by Push Traffic Inc. and a number of his other companies like IncFortune,  SuccessRate and Dotintel wouldn’t be searching for those terms on Google.

So – a new name!

Raygoza’s response (if any) to those he’s taken, is to demand a phone conversation during which he will assure you that he’ll “personally” take care of you. Of course nothing ever happens, but he’s bought time and got you “off his back” for a bit.

His last communication with me was an email in which he said: (direct quote – spelling and grammar as received)

If you are interested in getting money back and settling this matter with our company, we will need to chat with you over the phone.

If you are not interested in talking with us over this matter, than we are wasting both of each other’s time.

I’m willing to work with you but if you can’t provide us with a number to contact you than we cannot work things out.


Would YOU believe a guy who says things like “trust me” and who scammed you in a telephone conversation to begin with? Believing that anything good could come of another phone call from him, or anyone at Push Traffic, would be hopeless.

He is playing on the fact that we are so hopeful of a good resolution that we’ll chance taking the call and believe his bull***t.

BUT without witnesses and a recording anything said in a phonecall means  little,  as he well knows since his scheme relies on that fact to begin with!



Sandy 2010/04/17  at 15:34

I really think that John Raygoza is a sick man! Does he really think what he is doing is acceptable? Does he not think that his victims are not going to fight back? He just doesn’t get it. Is he stupid or just plain sick in the head. He is unbelievable. He scammed me out of 15,000 and I want my money back…more so I want to see this man in jail. He makes me sick!